Maybe We Need a "Slow Tech" Movement?



"What if the pillars were accuracy, authenticity and context?"

Hard to see how that stuff would make Google or Facebook any money. Capitalists get rich by giving people what they want, not what they need.


Aaaand that's why you give capitalists some constraints beyond just "get rich."


Not the internet "we" want to live with.

Oh yes, the condescending royal "we" - never gave credence to any argument.


OH come on. The "Free" Market is Always Right (tm), because the Customer (or rather the CONSUMER) is Always_Right. Right? Right.

Keep shovelling new plastic-and/or-digital doo-hickies at us POST-HASTE!

Digital teeth. Alexa-controlled pants. Shoes with WiFi access points. Homelessness Cars with built-in living accessories & solar-panels. Mobile police walls mounted on the front of trucks. Anti-sensory smell technology. Living hair. Holographic ballgowns. Invisible Aluminum bicycles. Quantum hover skateboards. Light-up motion-activated babies.
MORE STUFF!! Hurry the fuck up!! I'm BOOOOORED.


We already have a word for people that have this view. They're called Luddites.


@4 Capitalism is God’s way of deciding who is smart.


I don't know if this makes me a Luddite or not but I miss land lines. One of the people I work with uses his landline for teleconferences and what a difference there is in quality. Everyone can hear him perfectly clearly while the rest of us on our cells sounds lousy even though most of us use Verizon.

Some things we did back in the day were actually better than what we do now. They can keep the rotary dial but I miss being able to actually hear the people I'm talking to. I never thought I'd say this but I just may get a land line again.


@7 Remember when long-distance carriers all argued who's service sounded most clear?Today's providers just argue whose service is most ubiquitous.


@6: So, do you, mistral, and Doofus in Shoreline all share the same dank, dark fruit cellar in mom's basement? Your comment further proves your ignorance.
@7 RickFromTexas: Thank you! I am SO glad I still have a land line, and refuse to give mine up. A good friend of mine tells me that phone reception from my land line is better than her cell phone.


Or, you could, you know, just stop using social media.

@7: “...most of us use Verizon.”

Maybe the difference isn’t the landline?


@10 tensor: I am considering unsubscribing from Facebook.


@6 - EXACTLY! I'm glad you're a man who understands.


@5 - King Ludd lives