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Dave Meinert officially removed as operator of his Pike/Pine businesses: When the multiple sexual misconduct allegations against Meinert came out, he allegedly sold his stake in his Capitol Hill businesses. Paperwork unearthed by Capitol Hill Seattle Blog shows that the change has been solidified and Meinert is no longer involved with Queer/Bar, Grimm’s, and Lost Lake Cafe. He still is the sole owner of the 5 Point Cafe in Belltown. Thanks, JSeattle.

Big loads only please: Big? What about super? Three big rigs are in the process of lugging a transformer (no, not the Shia Labeouf kind) across State Route 14 and U.S. Highway 97. The transformer is headed to the Columbia River Gorge where it will connect wind farms to Bonneville Power Administration’s electricity grid. Well, it will one day, currently it’ll just be a backup. The transformer combined with the transport rig weighs in at nearly 1 million pounds.

Paul Allen wants to do stuff for the homeless now, too: Last week, Jeff Bezos introduced his plan to give $2 billion to homeless families and also fund private preschools. Today, Paul Allen, not to be outdone, broke ground on the new Mount Baker Family Housing & Resource Center that will house 94 families. Allen didn’t break ground himself, Bill Hilf, CEO of Vulcan, did that. Allen’s charity threw in $30 million to the project. It cost about $46 million in total. That’s a bit more than the $25,000 Allen contributed to killing the head tax.

Democrat Carolyn Long packs a candidate forum in Trump country: Vancouver, Washington is known for its conservative politics. Carolyn Long, a Democratic candidate running for Congress, may change that. Rich Smith went all the way down to Vancouver to cover this.

Should Idaho get rid of its abortion reporting law? The new law went into effect on July 1. It requires providers to divulge extensive personal information on patients who have had abortions. The information includes age, race, number of previous pregnancies, live births, and past abortions. Non-compliance to this law has heavy ramifications for providers. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood assert that this is a violation of patients’ privacy. A judge is expected to rule on the matter in the coming months.

City Target goes hard: Did you catch this footage from inside the downtown Target yesterday? This went on for 15 minutes. The police response was lackluster and the man left before police showed up according to KIRO7. The suspect is “also accused of threatening to kill employees at Belltown Storage, claiming he was “‘the truth.’”

This Seattle dog is more famous than you: Dash the dog first tasted fame at “Bark in the Park” at Safeco field when he posed with a hot dog in his mouth. KING5 interviewed Dash. How did that go KING5?

More on this Brett Kavanaugh thing: The controversial and, not to get too jargon-y here, downright icky, Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation process was complicated when sexual misconduct allegations came out about him from a former high school peer. Hate when that happens. The woman may testify against Kavanaugh at a special Senate hearing on Monday. First, however, she wants the FBI to investigate him. Republicans will most likely not delay the hearing and will go ahead with or without Kavanaugh’s accuser. They’re also not super into the FBI investigation thing.

Some Emmys updates: Nothing really exciting happened. Viewership was down again. Game of Thrones won again for Best Drama. The Marvelous Miss Maisel, that Amazon Studios show that I for some reason refuse to watch, won five Emmys. Maybe I should actually watch it? You can find out everything that went down here.

Other than that, Teddy Perkins showed up: You’ve seen Atlanta , you remember that absolutely breathtaking episode starring Lakeith Stanfield and a white-face-clad Donald Glover? No? Well, what are you doing? The episode was hauntingly beautiful and the fact that Stanfield wasn’t nominated is absolutely criminal. The fact that they’ve only won one Emmy (for Katt Williams’ performance in “Florida Man”) is downright ludicrous. Watch Atlanta.

Yep, that’s Donald Glover: The costume is almost as good as the performance in the episode.

Amendment that basically banned abortion in Ireland was repealed: The Eighth Amendment was repealed after Irish president Michael D. Higgins signed an abortion referendum bill into law today. The country approved overturning the amendment by 66 percent.

This Maine restaurant is getting lobsters high before killing them: Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound believes letting the lobsters get baked before they get boiled is the most humane thing to do. The restaurant first tried this with a lobster named Roscoe. He was placed in a box and the box was, uh, hot boxed with marijuana smoke. Roscoe went gently into that good night.