Could this view be killing you??????
Could this view be killing you?????? GREGOBAGEL / GETTY

The owner of that 3-D printing gun company got charged with child rape: Yikes. Cody Wilson, the self-proclaimed “little anarchist of Austin,” has been charged with sleeping with a girl under 17-years-old, who he allegedly paid for sex. This charge comes in the middle of the lawsuit Attorney General Bob Ferguson is waging against him for the whole 3-D gun thing.

Gasworks Park was, and maybe still is, gross: The now-defunct plant used to be the primary power-supplier to Seattle. It shut down in 1956. All the garbage it leaked into the soil remained. That includes arsenic, sulfur, and coal tar. Kite Hill—a mix of biosolids and sawdust (??)—was an attempt to clean up the mess of contaminated soil. The rest of the park was covered in two feet of topsoil. It’s okay now. We think. Probably. There’s still all that fucking goose shit, though.

UW wins its first approval to engulf Seattle: A city council committee advanced UW’s huge growth plan. There are some stipulations and requirements like UW has to commit to reducing car congestion and it has to build 450 units for low-wage employees. But, if all goes to plan, or should I say master plan, then UW will be able to grow its Seattle campus and build a “high rise innovation district.” The U-District may not be a shithole for much longer. Check out this report from the Seattle Times, it has cool graphics about UW’s growth. Also, information. Both are good.

Victory for Hanford workers: Sort of? The workers at North America’s most polluted nuclear site filed a lawsuit more than three years ago over their personal safety. That lawsuit hasn't gone to court yet but action is happening. Instead, the Department of Energy is going to test and implement new systems to treat vapor tanks—the initial cause of the health and safety concerns. The Department of Energy will also pay Washington state and Hanford Challenge $925,000 to reimburse for costs and fees.

Seattle U will divest from fossil fuels: It will be the first college in the state and the first of its fellow Jesuit universities (of which there are 28 nationwide) to officially pull its $230 million endowment entirely out of fossil fuels. According to the Seattle Times, the university has about $13.6 million exposed “to securities of fossil-fuel companies, as defined by ownership of fossil-fuel reserves.” I guess that answers the “What Would Jesus Do?” question in this scenario.

The war for 35th Ave ramps up: Seattle Department of Transportation is in the process of building two protected bike lanes on 35th Ave NE in the Wedgwood/Ravenna neighborhoods of Seattle. The neighborhood resistance has been, uh, rampant. Aside from flooding the mayor’s office with complaints, there’s been some light vandalism and some planted fireworks. It seems like their voices have been loud enough. Durkan has hired a mediator to hear both sides of the argument. These meetings will be paid for with public funds and Erica C. Barnett from the C is for Crank found it will cost $14,000.

Most metal thing I’ve read all day:

Space Jam 2 will be directed by Ryan Coogler, director of Black Panther: Also it’s going to star Lebron James. The original Space Jam, arguably the most pivotal work and most daring piece of cinema from my generation, starred the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan. Not Michael B. Jordan. Michael Jordan (sans B), was not the best actor, but he sure had heart. Since his LA move, James is already acting in films. Kobe Bryant better watch out. Space Jam 2 is going to get James his very own Oscar. I’m calling it now.

Mark Cuban to donate $10 million to women’s causes after Dallas Mavericks sexual harassment investigation: Apparently the former team president acted inappropriately toward 15 female employees. Cuban was apparently unaware of this behavior. He’s trying to make up for it now.

Two mental health patients drown in Florence flood waters: The two women had just been committed to a mental health facility for treatment. They were en route there when the van they were in was overtaken by flood waters. For some reason, the deputies transporting them drove onto a road that was blocked off for flooding. They escaped and survived. They tried to free the women but to no avail. By the time crews arrived it was late and too dark to dive. They drowned. The women remained in the van until morning when their bodies were recovered.

Did you see what went down on the light rail yesterday? Uh.

Poor Chip: The mascot at the University of Colorado Boulder fired a t-shirt cannon the wrong way. Instead of going into the crowd the t-shirt went straight into his nether regions. My brother Brian went to CU. How does this speak of the CU experience, Bri?

What Marvel really needed was a mature comic book so we could see Batman’s dick: They’re delivering. Bruce Wayne is going full frontal in the newest Batman comic. It’s called Batman: Damned. More like, Batman? Damn! Can’t wait for the big screen adaptation.