UW Offers Employees Half Off Transit Passes After Workers' Demonstration



Yeah, cause if those people had to pay $50 a month (like all other UW employees) instead of $25, they’d drive instead of taking transit. Uh huh. Sure thing, boss. Parking coasts more than the $25 or $50 a month. But, duh, free stuff! Money just magically appears!


Free Stuff!!!!

Wouldn’t it be a cool, hip, socialist paradise if everything was free! Come on komrades, let’s hit the streets! Power to the peepul!

Free stuff, all the time for everyone! Is our new motto!


Remember Kids: It's only Socialmalism if individual citizens get free stuff. If corporations get free stuff, say, in the form of massive tax rebates, subsidies, exemptions from regulations, and the like, that's just good, old-fashioned 'Murkin Capitamalism!


@3: Oh, then I trust thoughtful comrades will reject such a subsidy to remain as pure as you are.



Sure thing - just as soon as the corporations do likewise...


You want to incentivize people to bus and use the rail as much as possible because that means you can use more space for useful stuff rather than parking and eventually rather than roads.

The difference between ‘free’ and ‘any price’ is a significant one. It’s why Amazon made ‘free shipping’ such a priority.

When we’re talking about who bears the cost of something and it involves a public institution, yeah, those institutions can do things for “free” because the investment pays for itself socially in a way not true for individuals. Some people with cars still may have to drive a few times a month because they live far away and life happens. But the more you shift more people to mass transit commutes and making that be a more attractive real option, the better you can use space, have less congestion, and attract quality workers instead of just those close enough or desperate enough to take the jobs.


@ 3, So,tax incentives for businesses to stay here has no benefit other than for big business?


No silly, it's also good for their shareholders.



Which means the members of the board of directors, and upper-level management, that is, the individuals who tend to hold large individual blocks of shares in the company, benefit the most.


@8, and @9, The world owes me a living de ta la ta de ta la ta de.