Hey, saying the N-word is wrong.
Hey, saying the N-word is wrong. NATE GOWDY/ Getty Images

Slog PM today is brought to you by Vancouver Island Brewing Twisted Stalk Blackberry Helles: I’ll be honest, this tasted like a Coors Light mixed with a blackberry Izze, you know, that fizzy sort of soda drink they used to have at Starbucks?


Alternatively, it tasted like a watered-down Capri-Sun with dry hops. I’m on Vancouver Island currently. It was my third beer of the night. The first two were much better but I forgot to take a picture. As one of my favorite authors says, so it goes.

Pledge your vote for Tammy Morales for D2 for a Green New Deal for Seattle. Vote by Aug 6.

Uh-oh, a Seattle cop is racist: A long-time veteran of The Force (otherwise known as the “Seattle Police Department) used racial slurs, including the N-word. Apparently he left last year after the department opened an internal investigation about the whole racial slurs thing. He quit instead of, inevitably, being fired. SPD hasn’t released the whole case file.

Oh my god, there’s another cop lip sync video: I cannot believe we still have to endure this. The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department decided to get on the summer’s hottest cop trend on the first day of fall. You all need to endure this. Give this sheriff’s department an Emmy stat! Maybe a Tony? I’m not sure what the award is here. All I know is that my favorite art form is the cop lip sync video.

King County prosecutor challenger suspends campaign: Daron Morris, a King County public defender was battling Prosecutor Dan Satterberg, his first challenger in 11 years, for the position this election season. Honestly, he was a pretty compelling and progressive candidate. Today, he suspended his campaign because of health reasons. He didn’t elaborate and asked for privacy. I guess we’ll never know what could’ve been, Daron.

Nearly 90 percent of evicted tenants experienced homelessness: Reports the Seattle Weekly. Over half of the evicted tenants were people of color. These people often have less access to legal help, allowing them to be left out of programs like Section 8 housing.

That one orca is dead but I guess there’s hope? There’s a database being put in place by the scientists who were working to save J50. The database will help her family. ‘Cause J50 is pretty dead these days. It’s sad. But the database will be used for policy and individual responses to ailing whales, according to KING5.

520 travelers, look out: It’s not going to be easy to cross the water today. Solidarity, my friends.

NASA probe finds some planets pretty early on: Her name is TESS (it stands for Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) and she’s a bad bitch. TESS has found several planets that look promising. Promising for what? I have no idea. But it seems like replacements for Earth or maybe I’ve been watching too many sci-fi movies (I did just see Interstellar at the Cinerama last month, so it’s on my mind). But! This GeekWire article describes the first of the new planets as “about twice as wide as Earth and 4.5 times as massive. Its density is estimated as roughly equal to water’s density, which suggests the planet is a super-Earth.” That seems like some Wall-E, Interstellar “find-us-a-new-home” kinda shit. You tell me, I’ve had three Canadian beers.

LA experienced 87 straight days of smog: Climate change is claiming our summers. Forget hot temperatures and blazing wildfires, California was choking itself to death with its air pollution (not smoke related). Southern California violated federal smog regulations for 87 days straight. That’s the worst stretch in 20 years! The sad part, however, is, according to the EPA & Co., this is not as bad as last year.

Ummmm, watch this political ad from Arizona: Arizonians—it seems like Paul Gosar is, as they say, “no good.”

This Australian drove (and ran over) a herd of emus while filming himself: Predictably, he was charged with animal abuse. Also speeding. Really hit him with the double whammy. He may have deserved it.

Mayor Durkan on Climate Change Leadership and Why She's Slowing Down So Many Seattle Transit Projects: Read more about it.

The Cleveland Browns finally won a game: The last time they won? That was in the Obama administration. Just in time for the midterm elections!

This is kinda old but it hasn’t been on on Slog, so: Earlier this week some New Hampshire officials tried to dispose of a whale carcass.