Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson of Throwing Shade
Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson of Throwing Shade

Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson are the co-hosts and co-creators of Throwing Shade, a weekly comedy podcast that focuses on women's rights, LGBTQ issues, progressive politics, and pop culture. They're currently touring the country, taping live shows, and the tour stops in Seattle tonight. The show is at 8 PM at the endangered-but-freshly-landmarked Showbox. The Seattle stop of Throwing Shade's "There's No Place Like Condo Tour" features singing, dancing, games and specials guests Jinkx Monsoon and, um, Dan Savage.


I sent Bryan a few questions and Erin just one in advance of their OUR show tonight.


What is a “podcast”?

BRYAN: Excellent question. It's like radio on demand... I guess? BTW and in all honestly, I JUST found out that it comes from the term "iPod Broadcast." Someone just told me that and I pretended I knew that all along but thank god we don't call it that.

What sets your podcast apart from the two dozen other podcasts currently available on the Internet?

BRYAN: We're lucky in that there are only 4 podcasts out there. I think people respond to it because we cover issues affecting queer people and women along with pop culture, and we do it in a silly, raunchy, and ridiculous way. We go hard when we try to bully the bullies. When you actually can laugh at a monster, it gives you a lot of power.

Seattle people can listen to your podcast for free. Why should Seattle people to see a live taping of your podcast?

BRYAN: The live show is a SHOW. Stand-up, singing, dancing, karaoke, audience interaction! Plus a chat with people we think are badass noisemakers. For instance, we have Jinkx Monsoon and Fred Savage's brother (I think?), Dan Savage.

Should some people stop trying to make “pod” happen?


You and your co-host Erin Gibson cover issues important to ladies and gays. Here’s a gay issue for you: Isn’t “masc for masc” an improvement on ye olde “straight acting and appearing seeks same”?

BRYAN: Definitely. But I wish it was "mask for mask" and you could surprise people at the door with a cats mask from CATS the musical or a Malificent mask. That'd be the ultimate improvement.

And here’s a lady issue for Erin: Why do women still talk to straight men? Trump, Cosby, Kavanaugh, Lauer, Louis C.K. — why do women still talk to straight men? I mean, you could keep straight men in pens if you promised them beer, pizza, and pussy. Straight women could come by and, all Madeline-Kahn-like*, pick one or two out of a lineup, have some of opposite sex, return the straight boy to his pizza and beer pen, and then go have breakfast with her gay friends, right?

ERIN: Well, I love dick and Bryan doesn’t want to fuck me so I had to settle for a wonderful straight man who gets it all. Now I don’t know how we go back in time and teach Bill Cosby and those gutter turd men how to have empathy for women, but we can’t blame women for being intrigued by these powerful men. As a woman raised in the South, I was taught to latch onto a man so I could have status. I was not taught that I could be that person for myself. If we teach women they are powerful without men with money and influence, and give them the tools and opportunity to take care of themselves, those guys will wither into the dirt. We also have to prevent the Kavanaughs of the future by teaching young boys to treat women like human fucking beings. And that’s everyone’s responsibility. So, in the yearbooks of the future, “FFFFF” isn’t a monstrously disrespectful way to talk about female sexuality, but means Fierce, Friendly, Feminine, Fearless and Fun.

I’m going to appearing at your live show tomorrow night in a sling. Will the jokes write themselves or should we workshop one or two now?

BRYAN: It will be boner city for sure. Questions to consider: 1. Why did you do that? 2. What show on television could be improved right now if everyone on that show was in a sling?

Easy: Meet the Press. Last question: Who do you like more: me or Jinkx?

On the record: I can’t answer until I know which of you likes me more than the other. That will determine my answer.

Off the record: FOR SURE JINKX.

* That’s one of my trademark 35-year-old pop culture references.



1426 First Ave, Seattle, WA 98101
8 PM • 21+