Slog AM: Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Faces the Senate Judiciary Hearing; A Word About Cat Content



Yay for food bank! That old location is right on the steep hill where entitled dorks in cars drive stupidly and foot accessibility can be challenging. Perhaps the location change will be for the better!


“Displacing a neighborhood food bank to make space for yet another high rise is just another example of the growing inequity the people in and around Seattle must deal with.” He needs to tell that to the City and the County as both those entities are taxing land owners as if their small building housing a food bank is really a 30 story apartment building.


Cat photos. Jeez dude 1st that stupid beard and now you admit to living with a wife who adores cats. Then post pictures of cats. I bet your Instagram page is tight.

I happen to know there are about 50,000 incoming freshman just arrived, each of whom is entirely capable of making SLOG AM interesting again....


Pres. Trump on delays in Kavanaugh confirmation: "The people who have complained to me about it the most... are women. Women are very angry. Women are so angry, and I frankly think that... I think they like what the Republicans are doing."

Yes, indeedy Mr. President Pussy Grabber. You know women
oh-so-fucking Well. Just like the Republican mysogynists
on the Senate Judiciary Committee do.

I do believe the Stockholm Syndrome is finally
wearing off so many Women in this country.

Thanks, Republicans.


Foodbanks are some of the most effective and pro-social organizations we have. But so long as access isn't made worse, we are doing ourselves a favor by increasing density, rather than building a 30 story highrise's worth of living space spread out across the suburbs.

Also while technically accurate, characterizing a 1 year notice that a lease will not be renewed as Eviction is a bit dramatic.


If you wouldn't say "came to live with I", then don't say "came to live with my wife and I". Other than that, you're doing a splendid job in general. Gouda is also a very lovely pusscat.


Welp it's crystal clear that dorky professor lady is telling the exact truth. She couldn't act her way out of a paper bag. They should drag in Cavanaugh's bro who wrote Dude We'd Get So Fucked Up: A Memoir and a be like bro, what the fuck bro?!


That new tech job job description paints a vivid picture of helpless Mac users completely at the mercy of technology the cannot understand. That ambitious tech better come with a drinking problem for day 1.


Well, Trump's right in a way. My Trumpist Aunt Kathy actually is upset about Kavanaugh. She wants Dianne Feinstien to resign over it.

The problem, you see, is the leaking, not the raping. The leaks are the problem!


So the new demand is that women and/or people of color and/or those in the LGBT community must have equal representation in film AND the roles must convey positive, heroic character attributes? If I were an actor belonging to any of those groups, I’d be pretty horrified by that second part.


Best of luck to Kavanaugh. Clarence Thomas gave an excellent lesson in defending oneself from bogus charges with moral strength and determination and has gone on to be one of the most thoughtful and intelligent Justices in the history of the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh has the same potential for greatness if he can keep his head up and push through this witch hunt.


Why the hell is The Stranger not live Slogging the Dr. Ford hearing?
It's goddamn riveting and Kavanaugh should be toast after this.

This is a fucking nightmare for the Republicans.


And what a superb jurist Clarence Thomas has been!

Q: How many questions has Clarence Thomas asked in his entire tenure on the bench?
A: You guessed it. None. He has never asked a single question. Look it up.


why someday we are going to see the mighty visage of Brett Kavanaugh chiseled into that mountain in South Dakota!
...IF he can just keep his head up...


@13 -- you want Reality from a known Republican?
Good luck with that.

Far, far, FAR 'right' Justice 'Uncle' Thomas is/oughtta
be next up for Impeachment.

(Say, isn't Unk's wife some highly-placed Republican operative?)


@11: I'm starting to think you believe the shit you write.

which charge that anita hill made, specifically, was bogus?


13 And without Scalia, Uncle Thomas has no idea how to vote or what to write. He used to just have a little fun writing these irrelevant concurrent opinions that might as well have been done in crayon.


@13 - thats not quite accurate. Thomas has asked one or two questions from the bench. It's just very rare. He has stated many times it is his job to listen right up to the point where he writes his opinion.


@10: It's a no-win situation for casting directors and writers.

You have a woman of color character, great! But she can't have any real faults, or else you are saying women of color all have those faults.

But of course, she can't be perfect, because then you just have a nonsense "Mary Sue" caricature who is unrealistic and not representative. Are you even trying to write realistic WOC characters?

You have a legacy character who was originally played by an old asian man in the "Far East mystic role:"

Well, you can't cast an Asian, that is a racist stereotype.

But, you can't cast a non-asian, that's Asian erasure/white washing!

Artists just need to be allowed to make the art they want, really. If people want different art, they can make their own.

Attempting to dictating how artists work is just really weird, and has no good outcome, especially since those demanding people modify their art for them personally will never be satisfied.


@3: Please, meow pixels are always welcome.


@11 -- Speaking of highly-impeachable Just-Us Thomas, his wife and

“Clarence Thomas' Wife Posts Memes Trashing
Parkland Kids and Comparing Gun Control to Holocaust”


@13 close, but Thomas asked a question on February 29, 2016, and before that there was one on February 22, 2006!


Pffft! on those who think Justice Thomas is lost without Scalia. He doesn't ask questions during hearings because his mind is made up before cases are even heard. Now that's justice! If he's in doubt about a case, he calls the Koch brothers and asks, "Howz y'all wants me ta vote, boss?"


17, 15

Im going to channel my inner German Sausage and ask: racist much?



Same thing....


@16, The kind of people who voted for, and continue to support, a guy who was caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women don't need a hearing or sworn testimony to decide who they "believe" because their gut impulse is to circle the wagons around their own kind. It's not a question of whether or not they find these women credible, they just don't give a fuck about them.

They know the cake is already baked. Polls show conservative women have soured on Kavanaugh and are starting to turn on the Republican party. The GOP's only path forward is to own their status as the party of (straight, white) men. I suspect they will push through with his confirmation tomorrow and reap whatever comes because ceding an inch to Ford, et al would demoralize their base, because treating women like people is an existential threat to their collective sense of self worth.


@24 @25 HockeyFan -- you mean, DID Clarence 'Uncle' Thomas vote against any and all affirmative action, once he took advantage of its opportunities (having lied his way onto our hightest Court in the land for a Lifetime appointment)?


@24 @25

Remember -- Handouts are for MegaCorps and the Rich!
Lotsa peeps call that reverse Socialsim.
Me too.


Well done, sir.
I do know that Justice Thomas has asked a handful of questions from the bench, but was wondering who would call me on it. I can't give you the exact timeline, but it was many, many years before he asked his first question.

Furthermore, I'm pretty sure he's written either zero or one opinion..ever.

In either case, you can't seriously make a case that he's a Thurgood Marshall or Hugo Black.


24 - 25 Your iphones were built with asian slave labor. racist much?


Only a racist would say that Rowling should NOT have to respond to people of color noticing that yet again she is writing (yes, she was involved, not just the director) yet another stereotyped racist thing into her world in a really bad attempt to try to appear inclusive.

(Let’s also note the misogyny inherent in the use of the word “twat”)

And only racists or really ignorant people would would think that somehow it is reasonable to have only negative and stereotyped appearances of any people of color in a large series of books (and the subsidiary media) like the Harry Potter books. It isn’t a no-win situation. It only looks like that when you come at it from a myopic (racist) viewpoint.

Because that is the issue. Not just this casting decision, but the casting (and writing decision) on top of a series of other racist/problematic decisions, with not one single non-racist portrayal in the entire opus. Not one.


Hate cats. Was annoyed at the whole Gouda thing. Now--little monster's kinda growing on me. Damn-it! Just keep that cat hair on your side of the internet!


I liked Katie’s take on the Kavanaugh situation. Which is why I’m commenting here.


31: watch something else then.