Two of Seattle's most interesting hiphop artists—2016 Stranger Genius nominee Silas Blak and veteran left-field rapper/producer SpecsWizard—have been collaborating recently, and you can hear the fruits of their summit meetings on Sunday, September 30 at Clock-Out Lounge, as Concuss Records hosts a sneak-preview listening party for their new album, Blakwizard. Both MCs dispense their keen observations with a low-key steeliness over productions that keep heads nodding even as said heads are being scratched. Silas Blak and SpecsWizard's brand of hiphop may not be fashionable right now, but it is substantive and likely to endure.

At this listening party for the Blakwizard album, you can hear a Specs DJ set, listen to The Stranger's Charles Mudede wax philosophical about these artists, and score some records and art (Specs is a gifted cartoonist, as well) at a pop-up shop. You can also catch Blakwizard at Vermillion Gallery on Friday, October 12.