Michael Bloomberg Takes My Advice and Makes Large Donation to the DSCC



Makes sense. It stands to reason that a lonely arrogant taxaholic would find guidance only found in Savage Love.


@1: Right?


He looks like a sub to me.


@1: Ironically, if he - as a member of the highest 1% of income earners - were taxed more, as so many progressives would like, he might not have had the extra dough to justify the donation.


"Be like Mike and do what I'm telling you to do: get out your buzzzz and make a buzzzz to the buzzzz Committee." Dan, you're breaking up. Please repeat!

Also, what can Canadians do, without being so rude as to interfere with a neighbour's election?


@5 Take in refugees?


🌈 Good on Michael and you Dan and all who keep finding a way.


Can the SECB upgrade the confidential note to a top story? I truly believe there are so many people who are deeply motivated to get involved but don’t know what to do to help move the dial at the federal level.