So the FBI report didn't support the official left narrative so let's focus on Slate? Okay.......


With the elections just over a month away, it’s time to take a stand for our values:
People who work hard deserve affordable housing, healthcare, and education;
All people should be treated equally and with respect;
Women have a fundamental right to make decisions about their own bodies;
Immigrants should be welcomed with dignity and are valued members of our communities;
Our environment should be protected and we must transition away from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy sources.

The following is a list of outstanding candidates to which I’ve donated money. All are superb potential national leaders that share our values and vision for a better future. Please consider donating to their campaigns—even $5 helps if we all contribute—before it’s too late. Act Blue makes it super easy!

Lisa Brown WA-05
Kim Schrier WA-08
Carolyn Long WA-03
Christine Brown WA-04
Kyrsten Sinema AZ Senate
Phil Bredesen TN Senate
Beto O’Rourke TX Senate
Jacky Rosen NV Senate
Jared Pettinato MN-01
Andrew Janz CA-22
TJ Cox CA-21
Conor Lamb PA-17
Bill Nelson FL Senate
MJ Hegar TX-31
Colin Allred TX-32
Sharice Davids KS-03
Ammar Campa-Najjar CA-50
Andrew Gillum FL Gov
Stacey Abrams GA Gov
Lupe Valdez TX Gov


@ 1,

The FBI report is a painfully obvious sham and a fraud. Dozens of witnesses have come forward to state that the FBI refused to even interview them.

The FBI is not going to save us. We have to save ourselves.


So who was seriously stupid enough to think another FBI background check was going to uncover anything that could corroborate a crime with no set time, place, or witnesses?


Interviewing kavanaugh and his accuser(s) would have at least given an air of “hey, we tried” to the whole thing but apparently that was asking too much.


“He lied under oath about his drinking and terms in his yearbook.” --actual College Roomate of pretty boy 'Brett' O'Kavanaugh, notorious loud-mouthed entitled drunkard*

But, why on Earth might the FBI care about such little details like that?! Senate majority 'leader' McBitch and as-yet-un-indicted co-conspirator Pres. Pussy Grabber have NO fucking Need of such information. And, being in total Control of OUR political Process, whatever the fuck THEY say goes. So, STFUA.

There's Money to be made and women to steamroll.

*who WOULDN'T want a great American like this for a fucking Lifetime appointment on OUR Supreme Court?

KKKommies, that's who.


@5 I believe about 90% of the people on this message board believe the FBI have super secret time machines.



It’s hard keeping track of all the nefarious evil types hiding under German Snausages bed....first it was racists, then it was nazis, and now it’s Russians!

Run Snausage run! They are everywhere!



Yes. Our Original Andrew IS a Treasure.


@5: So who was seriously stupid enough to think that there was someone seriously stupid enough to think another FBI background check was going to do anything but provide cover for what the GOP was going to do anyway?

@11: no you don't.


Seattle Lid: Dumbest. Fucking. Idea. Evar.



If you decide to live in Seattle and you bitch about how expensive your rent is and you can barely afford to live a decent life, you deserve that.



A lid for i-5 would come at the cost of a massive re-build, adding multiple levels of new lanes below such a lid. The current road was never designed for the volume of traffic it currently gets, and it is the main way freight (food) moves up and down the entire west coast. You can't just throw a cap on it and think that will work for the next 100 years.

Further, the Feds and WSDOT would have to pay for it. I find that an unlikely scenario.


I'm old enough to remember (last week) when some people around here were cheering on Senators Flake, Collins and Murkowski as part of the resistance. It's alright, Lucy will let Charlie Brown kick the football next time.


Of course the FBI probe turned up nothing.

But lets not pretend that all the people calling for an investigation ever thought that investigation would turn up anything either. Of course, the Dems haven't pushed this out to Nov 7th so it's irrelevant.


I'm looking forward to the maniacal freak out when people lose their shit in the event Kavanaugh gets nominated. That is going to make for some amazing YouTube videos.


It's all Dianne Feinstein's fault.

Obviously, Dr. Ford wanted her accusations to be investigated, just that her name be confidential. Had Dianne simply worked with Chuck when she got the letter, there would have been a discreet FBI election without bringing crazies into the mix (Julie Swetnick) and any corroborating testimony might have had a better chance of coming to light.

But now we know also the Dr. Ford lied about polygraph tests. Her ex-boyfriend attests that she helped a colleague prepare for one. Oh dear!

The Dems blew it, big time!


@15 Were the Democrats cheering on the FBI and James Comey several months ago?


Rape allegations aside, as someone who just want the supreme court justices to act like judges, i.e. impartial and impervious to political influence, I found the man's testimony one week ago to be disqualifying. Why would you ever want to hear any judge complain about one political party, and complain about some Clinton conspiracy? It just shows he can't be impartial.


I think The Lid is a cool idea, but I'd rather spend money on a robust light rail network first.



Will we see the return of the Crying Rooms? Lolz



You have really low standards for what constitutes "dumbest idea", don't you?


And yet, Monica McLean, the person Brian Merrick, Dr. Ford's ex-boyfriend, claims she assisted claims she didn't. Hm, who to believe. Who to believe...


@22 No, we don’t “know” any of that. Feinstein says she didn’t leak it, and was trying to follow established protocol by bringing the matter to law enforcement. We still don’t know who leaked Dr. Ford’s identity, so insisting it was Dems is more partisan bullshit from you. Republicans have known about misconduct concerns about Kavanaugh for months, so pretending Feinstein could have gone to Grassley on the DL and he would have happily obliged her request for an investigation is complete nonsense, and you know it. Lastly, people have come forward to dispute Dr. Ford’s exboyfriend’s statement about the polygraph, so that’s also a lie. Jesus you’re tedious.


@23- I think you have the wrong end of the stick on this one. As in, the right was baying for blood when, after the Whitewater investigation turned up nothing of substance, they impeached a sitting president for dishonesty in a deposition. The right doesn't seem to much care about truthfulness at the moment. I would take lying to congress as a bigger affront to our democracy, and would also point you to 'Memogate' as a concern that would easily disqualify a liberal justice in the eyes of McConnell, et al. Say what you will about the left, but we do tend to hold our own to account.


@29 Well I'd have to believe Monica McLean unless the ex-boyfriend has any corroboration.


@15: I guess maybe you should ask to the Dem senators who demanded another background check, as well as the hordes of easily distracted zombies all over the media.

Or are all the Democrats just trying to help Trump now, and waste taxpayer money right before the mid-terms? Seems an odd strategy, but if that is what you need to believe, go for it.

@24: Then they were Good Boys, then they did not support something liberals wanted, so now they are on the Bad Boys list.


@30: I didn't say Dianne leaked it. It was also her responsibility and legal duty to inform the committee of compelling new information and she just sat on it. She didn't even pick up the phone and meet with Dr. Ford to explain that she would need to inform the ranking members of the committee and work to conduct a full investigation - all while keeping Dr. Ford's testimonial confidential. She didn't even try, and you can't say that Grassley would have said no to an investigation because he was never informed. Chuck Grassley deserved that respect from his democrat counterpart.

So sad.



Well when it comes to the city of Seattle, there are just so many to choose from!

Get that rent paid yet?



I guess hockey fans are now hiding under your bed and in your coat closet now, along with the racists, nazis, and russians.

They are everywhere Snausage, everywhere! What will you do! Run! Hide! Don’t let them get you!


(At least the trolls are here, instead of a site people actually read)


Put a lid on it!


37 Did you know that Clinton was formally impeached? Therefore, he was tried and not convicted - justice was served.

Its absurd to pretend that a person who has been legally elected to public office is analogous in any important way to a person who is a candidate for appointment to the bench. That removing somebody who has the legitimacy of their office through elections and who will be term limited out two years later is the same kind of thing as a judge hoping for a promotion to an office he will hold for the rest of his life.


@39: If violence marks a threshold for you, then please consider Juanita Broderick's bit lip by then Arkansas Attorney General, Bill Clinton.


duh! it's not like Republicans care about the legitimacy of political institutions in the public eyes. They already stole a SC pick from Obama so making a sham of the confirmation process is no big deal to these really awful people.
Anyhoo, blocking Kavanaugh and even taking back the senate wouldn't have prevented rightwing democrats from confirming another one of Trump's corporatist pick. Only calls for enlarging the court to modernize the institution make political sense for the left now that plutocrats are about to cement their control of the judicial branch for decades to come.


There's a difference between 'finding new facts' via a McMitch- and El Pussy Grabber-instructed FBI, and tons more incriminating info popping up (thank you Father Time) -- which is so conveniently and easily overlooked by the far rights partisan hacks on the Republican-owned Senate Judiciary Committee, shoving this guy who's totally-unfit for a judgeship, let alone a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, shoving Brett Kavanaugh down America's throat. And no, that's not a Stormy Daniels reference.

Add to that The American Bar Association* calling for him to step down, nearly a thousand law professors as well, many from Ivy League schools, including his Alma Matter, and his 'sober,' belligerent ranting before Congress, particularly at women Senators, and what's not to Love?

He's the perfect, far far right angry white puppet.
Which he happily happened to admit to Congress.

*ever heard of them?




Don’t look under your bed, what you find might scare you.


FB is the worst. I remain mystified as to why anyone uses it.


Raindrop has the absolutely and absurdly worst manufactured narratives. Like c-grade horror film/"I had no expectations but somehow you managed to lower them anyway" bad.

The rest of the trolls like the ironically named "facts2supportURpoint" have theirs too but it's standard goalpost moving and lies, just like the president and the lack of morals and decency they share. Standard hypocrisy, nothing new. Sad.

And the crush on German Sausage by one of the trolls is as creepy as kavanaugh is.


@49: And yet, you love to just love to drop in and snark about the 'trolls' and throw around your protection, superlatives, and hyperbole.

Well, at least us 'trolls' keep you entertained since you have nothing else better to do.


@7 - Republicans and regressives prepared to live by their own standards and precedents? Because philandery, sexual assault, lying, adultery, consorting with foreign agents, profiting from the role of pres., complex financial entanglements with dictators and also Russian banks, clandestine hush-money payments, and violating the terms of office are all being readily ognored now that "their guy" [formerly a registered Democrat] can provide cover for their racist & sexist authoritarian agenda.

@43 - Thank you, well said. No Rapist Judges.


"Be consistent about the [editorial] standards and apply them equally to everyone."
Ok. Thnx for the tip. To whom shall I now apply these standards?

Oh -- you want me to go back and re-litigate Clinton v USA, Version 16B.

Sorry, I have no interest in Wild Bill's transgressions at the moment. Were he UP for a Nomination to the USSC, however, I just might have an opinion. Hit me up then?


@51 and no rapist Presidents including Trump and Clinton. They should both spend time in prison together


The link for checking for contaminated beef goes instead to the story about coho salmon. Maybe try this one, instead:



Wow, you took a break from the video games to post!



Speaking of crushes, how’s the one you have on raindrop progressing?


@49 But without them, what else would you so heroically whine about every day?


"Kavanaugh also lied about his rulings on the environment"


I support the 'lid'. It would reduce pollution? What?




I wonder who the next person Pridge will get kicked off of Slog? Hmmmmmmmm...pondering the possibilities


Facts2, if Kavanaugh had lied only about the meaning of "boof", that's a lie under oath, but I can see the argument it's not material to the confirmation, or not very. And if you think Clinton and Lewinsky was fine as a personal adulterous relationship, then I can see giving a similar pass to denying it.

Which I did at the time. Since then I've learned a bit about gray areas of consent, and I don't think the relationship was so cool now. Not a "high crime" in itself, but today I'd probably axe Clinton for lying about it. So there's that.

But Kavanaugh did not just lie about "boof". He appears to have lied repeatedly that he never heard about the penis incident until the New Yorker article, and appears to have lied because he was organizing Yale friends' stories. That's significant. He also appears to have lied about his drinking habits, which are relevant to whether he could have been stumbling drunk as described, and to whether he can credibly deny it based on his memory.

Finally, impeachment and job interviews have different standards, and judges are expected to be more honest than presidents.


Kavanaugh lied under oath and clearly can’t even pretend to be an impartial jurist, so all unproven allegations aside, he’s not fit to be on the SCOTUS. Case closed, next candidate.
That’s how a senate committee with integrity would conclude. Clearly that’s not what we have.
Our only option is to try and get some people with integrity in Congress, despite the uphill battle that entails.

And fuck yeah @41, put a lid on it!!


@59 My assumption is that the tunnel the lid will form will be able to reduce pollution that would otherwise immediately blow right into the streets of Seattle. Maybe by redirecting it in a specific direction, and then either trapping it, or blowing it out where it does not flow directly into the densely populated streets, but sends it on its way into the upper atmosphere?

If anybody knows the answer, please share!


Also, what @64 said. Its as simple as that. Regardless of the sex allegations, he clearly lied about his character and drinking habits (pretty petty really, what would he do if he was faced with a serious allegation? Clearly not tell the truth.) Add on top of that that he has clearly demonstrated intense partisanship and emotional fragility that just makes him unfit for that office.


Never thought I’d start feeling guilty about enjoying our region’s most distinguished and delicious fish...


@66 Here's a good article on the lid idea:

I also recommend reading about Klyde Warren Park in Dallas - it is really cool!
$10 million of the funding came from naming rights purchased by a Dallas "energy billionaire," so maybe one of our Seattle tech billionaires would pitch in.... Bezos Park has a romantic ring to it ;)


Why does Kyle McLachlan look like a ‘fun/creepy uncle’ version of Walter White?


Immoral liar trump nominates immoral liar kavanaugh. Is it any wonder their supporters are immoral liars too?


Lid sounds interesting. Thanks for telling us about, Michael!

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