Women March on the Supreme Court



I wager they won't swear Brett in at an outdoor event. Got to control the optics.


If any of those women voted for anyone other than Clinton, then they're part of the problem they're marching against.


John Roberts has got to be tearing his hair out, since he's smart enough to know John Paul Stevens is right.


Great pictures. They will look even better after Kavanaugh is confirmed.


@4, LOL!!!


Yes David @ 4, it will be so much fun to see corporations further dictating your life, highest court bailing a president from treason and corruption charges, not to mention a dear young family member having to give birth after being molested by uncle Frank @ 5.


@2 can we just accept that Clinton was a terrible candidate in her own right? I wrote in Bernie and you can't do shit to shame me about it.


Maybe @ 2 can't shame you, but the Supreme Court is on the verge of doing just that for years to come.


I think he's going to be confirmed. And Manchin should be thrown out of the party btw.

Also I don't think there is going to be a blue wave nor do I think the Dems could get their shit together enough to impeach him or pack the courts. I've donated to several candidates across the country and volunteered for a few local races and I've been on Beto's ass for two years now, so don't come at me with this bullshit about needing to vote Dem. I have and do, and they still suck.

My hope is that first, I'm wrong because I'm an old cynic, and there will be a blue wave and the Dems will grow balls and we start being able to make changes. But if that does not happen and Nov comes and goes without a blue wave, then I hope all the urban libs (who honestly are the ones with money and media connections) start to look into what sustained mass disruption looks like. BLM shutting down the freeways, all the strikes (teacher, fast food workers, prison), occupations of ICE buildings, shaming of government officials in public, etc. I don't think the ballot box is going to get us there and part of the reason is disenfranchisement and disaffection- the Dems really don't respond to the needs of loads of people, this is just true- and part of the reason is gerrymandering and voter suppression.

One step at a time I guess. This shit tomorrow is so depressing. Watch Manchin cast the deciding vote. If he does, the party leadership should just throw him out.


Oh sorry btw I meant that as a response on the other political post, but it's all the same I guess.


🌈Good. Many women have had fucking enough. Talk about gaslighting from these pathetic, lying, old, stupid white people telling women abuse doesn’t matter really. All those Law scholars and ex Supreme Court Judge coming out saying No to his confirmation. Kavanaugh’s cry baby bully boy performance has horrified millions of us.
Yeah well. Pathetic all of it and they know we all know the gig’s up. People are fully focused on politics and politicians and they don’t like what they see.


@4 & @5 Kiss my ass and choke on it, trolling pigs. You're scared because we women have had enough and plenty of us are running for Congress, the House, Senate, President of the U.S., and SCOTUS.
@9 EmmaLiz: I really do hope you're wrong.
@11 You ROCK. LavaGirl!! :)