Washington State Is Banning Pot Candy for No Good Reason



Love it when libs complain about obtrusive government and excessive regulation.


@1: what makes you think Herzog is a "lib"? she's the most not-"lib" writer I can ever remember the Stranger hiring.


It’s weird how these myths about our politics persist, even as the party of “individual responsibility” turns into an authoritarian death cult before our eyes. It’s not like we haven’t had decades of them curtailing the rights of women and gays and cheering on police militarization to show us the kind of obtrusive government they prefer. Taking away consumer choice is more of a conservative move than a liberal one.


In spokane they changed the meaning of
"downwinder" from downwind from the
Handford Nuclear Resevation to
downwind from a potfarm. Ask Al French.

In eastern Washington gummy candy is
a major preference while dealing with cancer...




"...the LCB will prohibit the sales of cannabis gummy candies, lollipops, cotton candy, brightly colored products, or anything that may be appealing children."

I wonder how many LCB members are true blue Democrats? Look to female liberals first whenever our rights are being infringed 'for the children'.

My SO and I don't have kids and are well past the age we can anyway. Don't even like the little creatures, so we don't have friends with kids. Bottom line: there has not been a minor in our residence for at least 15 years! But we still have a house full of fucking child proof caps I can't remove and yet again my options are more limited because of the stupidity of people that DO pop out brats. If you have kids and you are reading this - you are part of the problem.

As more and more women get into politics, look for more and more restrictions "for the children".

Can we have an 'adults only' district - free of any 'for the children' laws and restrictions?


@2 @4 you're both wrong. i'm a libertarian socialist centrist.


Are you trolling or do you actually express yourself like a Libertarian wingnut?


1 - tell us what you love about it rather than making an inane comment.


A girl can dream...



Thanks for not having any kids....selfish people like you make for shitty parents.

And if you can’t figure out how to remove a child proof cap, well then that says something about you now doesn’t it....


Next thing on their list to ban: whiteclaw and truly drinks too since they look like cans a sparkling water!


@7: The same WA law that mandates the use of child-proof caps also gives you the explicit right to request no child-proof caps.



I'm glad it's being banned.


Got bad lungs and want to enjoy some recreational cannabis? Too bad, so sad. I think it's ironic our state is going backwards when the rest of the world is finally opening up to the possibilities of cannabis-infused pharmaceuticals. That's pretty much par for the course with our dumbass politicians though.


Put it in cereal, instead, and bring back the Clampetts to sing about it.

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That includes the products of your sponsor of the week
The cereals of Kellogg's, Kellogg's of Battle Creek
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@8: Welp, ms. Herzog, I'm going to assert that I was NOT wrong, as I only said you were not a liberal. You just confirmed you weren't.


@8, I my opinion, too, you are also an objective journalist. You are part of what helps keep "The Stranger" a newspaper as opposed to a Socialist newsletter.


Thank you for changing the headline

@1 Always awkward when state executioner, mass surveillance, Kavanaugh loving types claim to be for non-obtrusive gov.


@15 What good is this link to a person that never take any prescriptions? What made you think that was even the issue? My god how many prescription drugs are YOU on that your mind went there?

Just about every jar/bottle one can buy off the shelves seems to have a fucking childproof cap. I've got this bottle here of fertilizer. Liquid brown goo. Smells like shit, looks like shit. Yet its got one of the nastiest child proof caps I've ever come across. On the one hand, if its brightly colored and tastes good - kids will be attracted to it! I guess the opposite is true too: If is looks/smells like liquid poo - kids will be attracted to it! Huh?

The "for the children shit" is just stupid political theater and annoying to people without kids AND to parents with half a brain.


@16 oh definitely - whores for everyone in addition to any drug you want!!!!



Seriously, people. There are still going to be a gazillion other edible products available - and probably some new ones - once producers figure out what sorts of shapes and colors they can legally get away with offering.

Or, if you're jonesing that much for something chewy and bear-shaped, just buy some oil and make your own - it ain't that difficult: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuuUlQIunlU



Child-proof caps are designed to prevent CHILDREN from opening containers storing potentially hazardous products, like, yeah, fertilizer. If you, an adult are too weak or clumsy to figure out how to open one of these things all by yourself, that's really not anyone else's problem but your own now, is it?


@26: You’ve epically missed the point (or, more likely, you’re being deliberately obtuse).


Here's a link to a CBC.ca story from today with the headline "B.C. child in hospital after eating cannabis-infused gummy bears."



I'm in favor of cannabis products that don't look like they were designed for kids and I feel the same way about alcohol products.

We wouldn't be in this situation if the LCB thought critically up front. When I first saw gummie edibles my first thought was that they look just like kids candy, so the LCB should have seen this coming. If they wanted to do right by the industry the LCB should consider buying up all the unsold inventory to dispose of it and find a way to compensate the industry for their trouble.

Be accountable, spread the pain around as thinly as possible so that no one's carrying an unfair burden, learn the lesson, and move on.


@30 Beat me to it.
the link again



Mom told me not to eat the Baker's chocolate but I didn't listen.


Any time it's "for the children" the sycophants at the stranger can't wait to spend other people's money- raise property taxes "for the children", etc etc. Kiss your sweet, sweet candy good bye, 'cause it's "for the children". Popping a piece of weed candy can never bring the joy a well crafted joint can anyway.



Lolz....you sound like a real winner.


So, who's the pot lobbyist? People's livelihoods should not be arbitrarily affected. Yet, accidental ingestion can happen to any of us and safety from that is paramount.

I'm so glad we legalized this drug. What are the statistics on arrests, crime, overdose etc...? Have they gone down since legalization?

Listening to both sides of the argument is important. I hope people are stepping up, advocating for their rights and are heard. Who are the groups on the state level doing this work?


Couldn't they just be modified to not be shaped like bears and not have bright colors?


if they ban it because Kids are eating Pot candy and its messing with their developing brains and giving them emotional disaffection and learning disabilities is that a good reason?


Remember that this is the WSLCB, the guys who felt the need to pour resources into casing the Eagle undercover for weeks to bust the place for showing gay porn.

Some real moral courage there.