Slog PM: King County Is Looking Into Housing the Homeless in a Jail, LaCroix Has a Fun Secret Ingredient



re: using a wing in the jail to house homeless - its a roof over someones head, why not? oh, no view of the Puget Sound or other amenities?

this is the crisis part - that people will turn down shelter in order to continue camping and using drugs, etc...

trespass anyone unwilling to accept shelter.


The campus whisper campaign website was a plot line in “The Newaroom” way back in 2014. It’s not a result of the MeToo movement.


Oh honestly, people are really falling for that LaCroix thing? Limonene and linalool are both common terpenes, used for flavoring and perfume. If you want to avoid them in your diet, the first place to start is cannabis and citrus fruit.


3: Bullshit detectors are becoming rarer these days, even amongst purportedly educated people


@3 I dunno, I heard that La Croix stuff is lousy with dihydrogen oxide as well.


I spent 5 months in king co jail. I'd never blame anyone for choosing to sleep outdoors rather than set foot in that shithole.


@6: Did you submit your Yelp review?


Oh come on, right there in the article is people explaining why "cockroach insecticide" is bullshit. Don't make journalism dumber please?


"But, c’mon, they’re we’ve gotta have better options than jails."

There's got to be better places for FEMA to put disaster area victims too, but they can't think of anything when there's too many people with so little room and money to go around.


Adding to #9 and others: the fact that an ingredient is used in cockroach insecticide does not make it cockroach insecticide. The jokey tone doesn’t excuse conveying a false impression. Natalie loses credibility here.


Sorry, typo, “Nathalie.”


The better option than jails is to tax earnings over one million dollars at 90%, and put that into a social safety net, but this country is so money-addled and so worshipful of the wealthy that it will take a cataclysmic event to even think about that.


“the proper Americna thing to do is just assume the accusers are making things up”

Ask black men who grew up in the south under Jim Crow how the presumption of guilt worked out for them.


Hey now, what’s wrong with making accusatory lists about people with no proof? It worked really well with the Soviets in the 1930s.....what could go wrong?


We've had a completely vacant jail sitting on the outskirts of Portland for several years now (in fact, it was never used once. It's been sitting there empty since it's construction in 2003. Good times.)

A few years ago someone suggested using it as a shelter. People were predictably and understandably outraged at the prospect and local pols balked at the idea, suggesting that we can and should do better for such people. But it's been years since the idea was proposed and we're not doing better and I've not seen anything to suggest we're going to start doing so anytime soon. We do seem to be doing worse though.


@13 Well no, we simply know you'll eventually run out of millionaires to tax, then you start lowering those high rates until eventually you run out of other peoples' money.

Just ask James Callaghan.


@13 - So you're happy with living on just 10% of your earnings.


raindrop don't read good.


Or assumes Catalina makes infinity dollars in salary.


Actually, I'm sure raindrop reads plenty good. He just likes to make shit up and then pretend that he is operating from a foundation of integrity.


Well it’s nice to see that Mcarthyism is alive and well in America.


@seatackled: B is correct. Meow?


That picture of Sawant protesting Kavanaugh ... Is she screaming "There is no difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton!"?

Left had the nothing but open field between them and the endzone but the Sawants of the world started high-stepping with a hand behind their heads for the photo op and fumbled it away. Yell all you want now, but it's game fucking over and we're all fucking fucked. Thanks a lot dumbass.


You know what else is horrible? HYDROGEN!!! Fuck man, they make bombs out of that shit! #banhydrogennow #keephydrogenawayfrommychildren

Pass it on!



Yes, it's a damn shame that Seattle and Washington state went for Trump.


@23 Right, because there were no looney left wing, Sawantista, Jill "vaccines are dangerous" Stein voters in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Clearly when @24 referred to the "Sawants of the world" he only meant in Washington State.


Yes of course @26, but it's the way the vibe drove the zeitgeist. Anybody with pull who didn't get on their ladder and urge the greater left world to get on board because in fact Trump's court is the end of America and Clinton's would have been immeasurably better is a fucking idiot.

The truth here is she and most of the rest of her analogs across the country thought Clinton was a done deal, so why not have some cake and eat it too? Too drunk with radical narcissism to listen to for instance Michael Moore that the margin was not comfortable. Hope the purity of ideology keeps her and the rest of her warm at night while the right throws "her" disenfranchised into the meat grinder, because that's who will suffer the most.



I dunno, maybe. I don't think it was particularly helpful but at the same time those who were so vocally against Clinton have always been so much on the margins that I don't think they had any significant effect. Clinton got way more votes and Russia fixed the election.


@24 it's rather laughable that the person you appear to find most responsible for this mess is Sawant while you have nothing to say about the Democratic leadership. You suck.


This has been making the rounds on the net, but I'll post it here (especially for @15). If you had a choice of being falsely accused of rape, or actually being raped, what would it be?

I discount anyone who mentions Jill Stein in connection with the '16 election. They obviously know nothing. Her affect on the election was about 55% of nothing. Gary Johnson is the guy you want to vilify, people in the margin states actually voted for him.


@31 the disaffected posing of the far left certainly did make a difference in swing states. If the messaging from all of their leadership would have been "devisive election but get on board because Trump will be a total disaster" Clinton would be appointing justices. Or didn't you notice how razor thin the margins were, and how young lefties didn't turn out? I watched you all get ganked by Russian propaganda on Facebook, heels dug into manufactured vitriol to the bitter end because social media politics became face your egos needed to save.

So dodge and weave all you want, but in the end the Repubs won because they got in line, and we, the overwhelming majority, lost because of the collective snit on Facebook and cold as the rest of them politicians seizing on opportunism over the greater good. None of you will ever own that, fine. But I know that in the heart of hearts of the sit at homes and Bernie or busters they'd fucking listen to reason and do it differently if it was possible to go back.

What was it that Bill Maher kept saying? If the flight crew runs out of the beef you don't throw a fit, you take the fucking chicken? Now you hungry?


And say what you like about Clinton's shitty campaign, DNC sabotage, etc. We can regress blame back to the Mayflower Compact, but in the end the person who dropped the potato owns the mess. There was a clear crux moment - you might have heard of it, voting for the better option in the election? -- that's the actual, obvious point of failure.

I don't care that it was two years ago. Not that we aren't totally fucked at this point, but if we have any chance to get even a little unfucked 2016's dippy hunger strikers are going to have to grow up and eat some fucking chicken. They should be reminded every time shut gets worse why we got here.


@32 Compared to Clinton's unwillingness to run a progressive campaign (her choice at 100%) and her very large negative rating among voters, which inevitably resulted into a low turnout and a close contest, the non-Clinton voting far left played a minor role. Voter suppression was also likely a more significant factor than the Stein vote.

It would be one thing if you pointed out the role that Stein and Sawant played in the context of Clinton moving to the right of the potential electorate and the Democratic party doing very little to protect voting rights but your silence about it is an obvious attempt at making people forget who was in charge of the party while Democrats lost hundreds of legislative seats and all branches of government.


@34- HRC moving let might have gained her some votes from the Sandersistas, but it easily could have cost her more from the mainstream.


@36 It is what self-serving media pundits claim but all evidence points to the opposite. Did it cost Obama votes to "appear" to be a progressive firebrand? Did the polls repeatedly indicate that Sanders and his program were widely favored (double digits spread) by the public at large over Clinton AND Trump?


Obama campaigned as a centrist, not a far left nutcase.


That's not what you said at the time, liar. You probably also said it at some point about Clinton too. Fucking troll.