Slog AM: Trump Rally-goers Seem to Have a Thing for Locking up Old Ladies; A Building in Everett Keeps Getting Rammed by Cars



Seems a bit misogynist and condescending to refer to Feinstein and Clinton as simply "old ladies."



No doubt. And also pretty arrogant to assume the hurricane was named in his honor, when it was quite obviously done for me (like Bloomberg, I also used to go by "Michael.")


@1 Actually it speaks to your own biases that you believe there is something inherently diminutive about being an old lady.


I got a pro-I-1634 mailing yesterday that pitched it as "closing the grocery tax loophole," which it said was necessary now that Seattle had imposed a tax on "everyday beverages."

That NASA tweet isn't about climate change. Storms have long picked up intensity when they hit the Gulf of Mexico and its warmer (than the Atlantic) waters.If they had said the Gulf is 2 degrees warmer than it was 50 years ago, that would have been saying something about climate change.


@1 Right! And when I read "USA, arming the world: The USA sold more than $54 billion in military equipment to foreign governments in the fiscal year that ended September 30" I should be interpreting it as his tacit endorsement of America being the worlds biggest arms dealer, because he did not spell out his precise literal beliefs. He just left it at that! And yet, its almost as though, in the absence of elaboration, he used some rhetorical magic to make me think this was somehow not a literal and simplistic reflection of his personal belief. He does this crazy thing ALL the time. It makes my brain hurt trying to understand this complicated man.


Funny how the residents of Trumplandia are all so rabid about "innocent until proven guilty" unless they're referring to a female...


Despite claims to the opposite, Trump doesn't really dislike mobs, he is only looking for one that will do his bidding

Sea surface temp anomaly was 7degF in Pensacola today. I hope nobody becomes "hysterical" in Florida because it's clearly the worse that could happen according to our resident deniers.


if you're not aware that the real scandal in the Dr. Blasey Ford allegations is not the assault itself, but DiFi's (alleged) leaking of it and the subsequent tatterization of his reputation, then you're not a Trumpist mob.


There's no such thing as a "cool pope." Organized religions are weapons used by the wealthy and powerful to keep the masses frightened, misled, and trapped under their boots.


I wonder who those in the path of Hurricane Michael will blame for the damage and suffering? Are there any Gay folk in the region? A Conservative Justice has been placed in the High Court. Trump is their savior so he's out of their vision. They don't see Global warming as real, so that's not on the list. Warnings to evacuate have been broadcast for 10 days.

What/Who is left to blame?


Hell let's just lock ALL the bitches up and only free the cute ones when DADDY WANTS TO FUCK.


I see you @11:


@3: I guess if you ignore an entire world's history with sexism and language, that could make sense.

But in the real world, people have used such language for denigrate accomplished women for generations.

The "You're the REAL sexist" argument is laughably stupid, just like it is when an idiot says "If i say 'inner city thug,' and you think of black people, that means YOU are the racist!"


still can't believe 1/4 of this country is under the spell of a con-artist demagogue who casually calls for the imprisonment of his political rivals


Ooh, look at Teddy, all selectively woke and shit this morning. . .


The idea that people who think Hillary Clinton and Dianne Feinstein should be "locked up" aren't sexist is laughably stupid.



Shorter 16: sexists are everywhere! Under the bid, in the coat closet , and just waiting to jump out and get you!


@17, then there's this laughable stupidity.


Your "save the children" corn syrup rant is cute, but really the soda tax is important to bring in much-needed tax revenue to our regressive-ass state so we can fund things like teacher salaries and public transportation. Same goes for cannabis tax.


Abortion after 22 weeks is murder, as far as I'm concerned. That said, a mother should be allowed to murder her unborn baby if she wants. The alternative is worse in the aggregate, unfortunately.

It's great to see women incorporating their babies into their work life. 2018 is a great time to be alive. No other time in history is packed with so much opportunity.


@19 The soda tax IS regressive. Cannabis tax isn't though.


17 that isn't really shorter


@22 @17's version make more sense.


@21: explain why. if any sin tax is valid, why aren't added-sugar taxes?

both soda pop and weed are are voluntary wants, not needs. added sugar creates health costs to government entities and this compensates with additional revenue. you're free to avoid the tax by not consuming the product.


@24 I didn't say any sin tax is valid; or most taxes currently being collected. I simply made a distinction between which is a regressive tax and which isn't.

All sin taxes should be repealed as far as I'm concerned.


@23 in the sense that it sounds like it came from a children's book, sure, but we're all adults here, or at least that's what i assumed


@26 I know I'm an adult. Don't know about anyone else on here.


@20-Abortion is not murder; any pregnant woman should be able to get an abortion. The government should also be working toward providing abortions on demand and at no cost.



Lol...ya....says the guy who think nazis are everywhere.

Did you get that rent paid yet?


@25: you said weed taxes aren't regressive and soda taxes are. both are sin taxes. what is the difference?



You assumed wrong. Just take a look antie Grizelda, original Andy, snausage, or jonnon.

It’s all the proof one needs. Petulant children fo sho.


@38 weeks? Or what about a few hours before birth?

Do you have a limit? If so, what is it?



My limit would be 48 hours AFTER birth, unless the mother was rendered unconscious by the delivery, then the limit would be 48 hours after the mother regains consciousness or one month, whichever comes first.


@30 I get what you're asking. I just think they are different.

Regardless, all sin taxes should be repealed.

@28 Abortion after 22 weeks IS murder. Like I said though, if a woman wants to murder her unborn baby she should get to murder he unborn baby. To act as if the right to an abortion is absolute is complete nonsense. Very rarely are late term abortions done, but that doesn't take away from the fact that if the right to abort is absolute then mere seconds before the baby is born you can penetrate the unborn baby's skull and vacuum the brains out.

I likely will never change my mind about a woman's right to murder her unborn baby but it doesn't mean I should ignore the fact that I've concluded that 22 weeks is when there is an unborn baby in the womb. I know some will say, "What about 1 hour before 22 weeks?" My answer will be, "22 weeks is murder." Gotta draw the line somewhere, and conception certainly isn't that line from what I've concluded.


A lot of people don't believe in climate change, but also don't care one way or another because they're convinced the rapture will happen in their lifetimes and they'll ascend to heaven where they can gloat while watching gays and liberals back on earth beg for mercy, only to be denied and thrown in hell to burn for eternity (I'm not exaggerating here. Some evangelical "christians" believe in, and actually hope for (!) that exact scenerio).

Doesn't matter what this hurricane, or any hurricane in the future, or any natural disaster or man made disaster or whatever happens. Their fellow "christians" will be saved and everyone else will burn in hell. They believe earth was made for people to suffer anyway so people dying from disasters is all just part of their god's plan.

It's sick.


@15 ‘selectively woke’. Ha!


@35 I know a lot of Christians, even right-wing Christians that acknowledge climate change is happening.

I think it's a legit discussion to have about whether or not there is much we can do about it at this juncture of human civilization other than what we are incrementally doing.

Chances are we won't change until we have to change, which is common for us as a people. Fossil fuels are going to be here for a while because 99% of people might think they want to go back to horse and buggy days, until they have to live that way.

Could we put an electric infrastructure in place right now, or even in the next 2 decades that would fill the gaps made by so-called 'fossil' fuels. No. The technology simply isn't there yet.


@32 and 34 Regardless of the timing it is still the woman's choice; you said yourself, 34, that late term abortions are rare.


@34: you mean you FEEL they are different.


Late-term abortions would be far less frequent if there weren't so many barriers put up in the earlier trimesters. If anti-choicers were willing to compromise on unrestricted access to care in the first trimester -- also unrestricted access to birth control, health care and child care services while we're dreaming -- late-term abortion could be restricted to cases where women's lives and health are threatened.



That’s pretty sick. There is a big fucking difference between a 3 week old embryo and a 38 week along fetus. That fact you see no difference says a lot about you.



Considering 98% of abortions in this country are performed before 20 weeks gestation, and most of those performed after 20 weeks are because of severe physical abnormalities that would render the fetus unable to survive outside the womb, we don't really need to be terribly worried about women "murdering" anyone, now do we? In fact, even using this standard more actual living children are "murdered" every year by "accidental" firearms discharges than by abortions, so maybe that's something you SHOULD be more concerned about, amiright?


My chosen word to replace deplorable is shitcanner. Here's an idea: let's lock up all neofascist RepubliKKKan shitcanners instead. They're the criminals responsible for throwing the Divided States and the rest of the world into the shitcan in hot pursuit of The Almighty Corporate Dollar.
@18 German Sausage: Forget it--Ogie's frothing from too much high fructose corn syrup and is obviously beyond help.
@11, @17, @29, @31, @32, @21, @23, @25, @34, @37: Just STFU already, shitcanners.
@28 & @38 Eliabun and @39 Max Solomon: Thank you.


On a brighter note, your breakfasts look scrumptious, Michael and Stranger Staff!


@24 I believe many consider the soda tax as regressive because the majority of soda purchasers are low-income families. I'm not sure about the cannabis tax, but I think that it is more akin to the alcohol tax where a wide range of people purchase alcohol.

@42 "severe physical abnormalities that would render the fetus unable to survive outside the womb" I see this argument a lot with the pro-choice crowd and I don't think a lot of pro-lifers are arguing that abortions should be illegal when medical complications arise.

I feel like a fair compromise is to find where an % of premature babies survive in the US then make that the cutoff date. For example: 25% of 22 week old premature babies survive therefore it is illegal to get an abortion after 22 weeks.


@41 I never said there is no difference between an embryo and a nearly fully developed fetus. And while I acknowledge that it is possible I cannot imagine any woman wanting a last minute abortion with the possible exception of a badly deformed fetus. Give women some credit here.



You implied that there is no difference when stating women should be able to get abortion at any time during pregnancy.

I agree with 45 regarding the cut off date, with only extreme circumstances being legal after that date


Well, didn't I recently hear the tax revenue on the Soda Tax was something like 40% higher than expected meaning people are still drinking pop but just paying more for it. Mike O'Brien sold this to us taxpayers saying it would make people drink less and help prevent obesity, diabetes etc. Wrong again Mike. Now the money is too good to pass up despite its intention failed.

Hooray, another pointless regressive tax from our progressive leaders.



Would those be the same "pro-lifers" who DEMAND women carrying fetuses that doctors have determined will not survive once born, should bring them to term anyway? Or who insist fetuses resulting from rape are "gifts from God" and should be birthed regardless of the circumstances?


@34 Yes, murder of unborn babies in late term are rare.

@39 Gotta love those feeeeeelings...

@40 There should be unrestricted access to birth control codified in federal law.

@42 "In 2014, 652,639 legal induced abortions were reported to CDC from 49 reporting areas."

You said: "...even using this standard more actual living children are "murdered" every year by "accidental" firearms discharges than by abortions, so maybe that's something you SHOULD be more concerned about, amiright?..."

No, you are wrong. Nearly 1300 children are killed by firearms every year. Most of those children are actually between the ages of 13-17.

Now, if we consider that 2% number that are aborted past 22 weeks where I think it's the murder of an unborn baby then considering there are roughly 660,000 abortions per year, we would be looking at over 13,000 children killed by firearms per year.

So no, it's not kinda like that.


@49 Still, past 22 weeks is murdering an unborn baby. I have stated no woman should be denied the right to choose to murder their unborn baby.

Are you arguing that a child that resulted in rape is less valuable than a child that resulted in consent? The child didn't choose how to be born. I guess the question is: Do unborn babies have Constitutional Rights, if so, what is the extent of those CR?

Sentencing an unborn baby to death for simply being conceived seems to be a really important ethical and moral issue we should have a robust discussion about. The unborn baby committed no crime, and poses no physical danger to the mother, then what is the justification?

Personally, I am pro death penalty because there are some people that deserve to be executed. They earned it, and they have relinquished through their actions the right to live not only around civilized people, but to live at all. THAT SAID. The death penalty ought to be banned because it is applied in a way that is bordering on wanton justice, and not exact justice. It goes back to the risk of sending an innocent man to death. I'm not willing to support it unless the facts are unequivocally stacked against the person accused of murder.


@51 Your last paragraph is okay by me.


@42 & @49 COMTE: Thank you and bless you.


Like I said, it's sick.

They don't wanna change. They don't wanna do anything. Cuz god's gonna rapture them up to paradise and they're gonna laugh and laugh and laugh at all those commie nazi muslin atheist jew nigger libruls who're gonna burn in hell.

I know that sounds like a harsh stereotype but it's accurate. Not every evangelical is like that, but the majority are... the vast majority. Really. Just look around at them. It's actually really easy to see... it's kinda scary how open they are about that stuff.

Anyway, I'm all in favor of civilized, informed debate. But the vast majority of them don't want or care about that. For them it's god's rapture and it's revenge hate. Blah blah technology isn't there yet. Blah blah blah...

It's 100% "christian" rapture porn. Period.

Like I said, it's sick.