Everything Gives You Cancer



The more we poison the earth, the more people will get sick. We are not going to be able to avoid it. Everything WILL give you cancer or some other horrific disease. Our refusal to stop treating the planet we live on like an toxic waste dump and our willful ignorance that there will never be consequences will result in everyone, at some point, being sick, dying and then one day we'll all just be done. Given the way things are going it does not seem like it will be quick and painless. It will be slow and horrific. But us humans are the smartest animals on the planet, right? /s


Weirdly enough, air pollution causes diabetes too: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2018/07/a-frightening-new-reason-to-worry-about-air-pollution/564428/


Hmm, stop breathing.. Or... move to the burbs. Or maybe move toward renewable energy sources..

Nah that wouldn't make sense!


When fucking gives you cancer, it's because of your evil godless heathen lifestyle choices.

When the air gives you cancer, it's god's will. We can't know or question god's divine plan. Thy will be done.

Lots of people truly believe that. And those people have a lot of power over your life.


@1 xina for the win.


RepubliKKKans are spreading cancer.


Life gives you cancer. Cancer is actually a pretty normal state of cells, especially as we age. Your cells are constantly creating and defeating little cancers.


the first thing i thought of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNhhO25R-hg


It’s a worry, bugs everywhere. Then to worry weakens the immune system.


Nothing makes me want to smoke cigarettes more than anti-smoking ads. There's just something about a moral panic which triggers some latent oppositional-defiant "come up and get me" part of my brain. Small wonder that cigarette companies have sponsored "talk to your kids about cigarettes" ads before--it's nearly free advertising!

So, what's the takeaway? Don't give into peer pressure; just because all the cool, hip, youthful people around you are giving blowjobs doesn't mean you should be doing it, too! No matter how fun and exciting it may be, it makes baby Jesus in the manger cry. That's wiggedy-wack, yo! Be a real cool guy who can hang with my main man God, and say "Blowjob? No, slob!"


@11 Okay but the anti-smoking movement is not exactly a "moral panic" although I concede that there are similarities and overlap.