Be sure to bring your pink sunglasses.
Be sure to bring your pink sunglasses. Lit Crawl

It is happening again. Lit Crawl Seattle 2018, baby. Over 35 readings. Over 20 venues. Over one hundred million writers. Do you want to go? Of course you don't. But you never want to go to anything. Then you wind up going and you remember how much you actually like going to things. So you have to go! Plus, if you listen to the scientists, this might be one of the last Lit Crawls that isn't held in a MadMax Thunderdome run by Chaos Bezos.

But besides all that, this Lit Crawl line-up looks great! People will drink, discover new authors, rediscover old ones, and, above all, be reminded that writing is a solitary practice that brings us all closer together. The trouble, as always, is trying to decide which path to take. You can't split yourself into three dozen pieces and go to everything. But that's why I'm here. Below I've listed paths for people who love poetry, prose, and politics. There's also a path for people who just want to party. And do we have an interactive map? Of course we have an interactive map. We fucking love maps.

Experience music on the meadow! Final ZooTunes lineup announced!

The Prose Path

6 p.m. An Evening with Richard Chiem, Rebecca Brown, and JM Miller

7 p.m. An Evening with Lacy M. Johnson

8 p.m. Jack Straw Prose Reading

9 p.m. An Evening with John Mullen, Elizabeth Austen, Jannie Shortridge

The Poetry Path

6 p.m. Poetry + Comics with Gabrielle Bates, Sierra Nelson and Rachel Kessler

7 p.m. Old Hugo House: An Evening with Frances McCue

8 p.m. Reading in Bars with Bois/Boys

9 p.m. Gramma Press

The Politics Path

6 p.m. Write Our Democracy

7 p.m. Property Lines

8 p.m. Hope and Disaster: Womxn Writing Paradox in Troubling Times

9 p.m. We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For (not directly political, but, fuck it, you could use a break.)

The Path For People Who Are Actually Trying to Have Fun

6 p.m. The Soul of Asian Cooking

7 p.m. Poetry Verse Play

8 p.m. Pie & Whiskey

9 p.m. Blush: Writing Your Kink / A reading & craft talk