Look, Jerry, your pop pop wants me to be in charge.
"Look, Jerry, your pop pop wants me to be in charge." Pool photo/Getty

Today, the #worstpresident brought the world's greatest hiphop artist into the Oval Office to talk about criminal justice reform. Neither man had any plans to actually meaningfully discuss this worthy cause, they only wanted to disrupt the constant flow of terrible, criminally insane news that comes out of Trump's administration. For that reason, I will hold my remarks on Ye till the end of this post.

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•In far more important news, Trump is responding to the recent drops in the stock market by criticizing the Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes, going from calling the central bank "crazy" to telling Fox's Shannon Bream that "The Fed is going wild. They’re raising rates and it’s ridiculous.”

Vox's Matthew Yglesias has a good piece out today explaining how Trump's public coercion of our central bank is increasing confusion and chaos in an already delicate monetary system. Economists have long considered the Fed an independent body. It is technically part of the executive branch and its chief is appointed by the president, but the monetary policy it promotes is supposed to be free from partisan bickering. Yglesias argues that Trump's public attacks are counterproductive at best, and could provoke dangerous monetary policies and outcomes at worst.

•Our president spent almost an hour rambling incoherently on the phone with Fox & Friends this morning, leaving co-host Steve Doocy to try to get him off the phone multiple times, including using my favorite exit line "I know you're probably running short on time..."

•During that rambling "interview" Trump promised to fire people in his administration that he is "not in love with." Trump said he would "weed them out slowly," which I am hoping is code words for a poorly-shot Periscope reality series where Trump walks around an empty West Wing with a Big Mac in one hand and a Diet Coke in the other, barging in on offices and firing people a la Tim Heidecker in "Carol's Boss Problems."

Business Insider is reporting that Trump allegedly told a crowd of executives in London in July that "You've all got such good bloodlines in this room." If Donald Trump's support for racist memes, defense of Nazi protestors, and implementation of racist policies haven't already convinced you, here's another tally in the Donald-Trump-Is-A-White-Supremacist column.

CNN reported today that Trump's legal team is preparing to answer a series of written questions that special counsel Robert Mueller has provided them. CNN considers this "a major development after months of negotiations and signals that the Mueller investigation could be entering a final phase with regard to the President." Will our hopefully-Democratic Congress have a nice fresh Mueller report to read full of damning information about our corrupt president, the foreign thugs that helped elect him, and the Republican Party that supported the whole thing? We can only hope.

•And now, the moment you have all been waiting for. What happened this morning when Kanye West joined the #worstpresident in the Oval Office today? Basically, Ye gave a 20-minute monologue about everything from multiple dimensions to hydrogen planes, and Trump looked intensely uncomfortable. CNN's Chris Cillizza is the worst pundit in the country but somehow managed to pull together the best bits, which includes the fact that Ye's iPhone password is six zeros in a row and Ye calling Jared Kushner "Jerry."

Other than that, the meeting was very boring. You know what is not boring? Ye's music. So, as an unabashed #YeBoi, I leave you with the best song a great song off of Kanye West's most overlooked album.