They avoided the apocalypse by jumping in an old Frigidaire.
Kyle Gass and Jack Black: they survived the apocalypse by jumping in an old Frigidaire.

I'll be the first to admit that Tenacious D isn't for everyone. Hell, comedy rock isn't for everyone. But, you must admit that Jack Black is a silly fool of a comedic force—obnoxiously delightful, like that doofy friend you had in high school who'd do anything for a laugh, who you knew would do anything for a laugh, and yet, even while seemingly trying too hard, they still managed to get that goddamn laugh. Kyle Gass is funny, too, in a more subtle, I'm-clearly-the-sidekick-but-I-have-a lot-to-offer kind of way. While his film career isn't as fruitful as Black's—you mainly see him doing brief cameos, often in Black films (Shallow Hall, Kung Fu Panda, Year One, et. al), they're evenly matched when it comes to music. Well, actually, you could give extra credit to Gass, who has a more active outside-of-the-D musical career, with three full-length records to come out of his two solo projects (Trainwreck, which reunited earlier this year, and Kyle Gass Band). Also, Gass seems like he gives really good hugs, maybe because he bears a striking resemblance to a koala, and he's been rocking this white-haired beardy wise man look lately, which automatically gives him street cred over regular beardy Black.

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Do I have a point here? Yes. Tenacious D, purveyors of such musical hilarity as "Fuck Her Gently" and "Tribute" (both off 2001's Tenacious D), and "The Metal" (off 2006's The Pick of Destiny) have a new album coming out, and a web series leading up to it.

While I have mixed feelings about 2012's Rize of the Fenix despite its Dave Grohl drumming and full-band fill out (I don't hate it, it just ... never grabbed hold), I have high hopes for the forthcoming Post Apocalypto. It's another conceptual outing, Grohl is doing all the drumming again, and the six-part web-series of the same name that precedes it illustrates the concept—the world was destroyed by an H-bomb and Gass and Black are among its few remaining survivors. I hesitate to call it 'animated' as the press materials boldly claim ("Post-Apocalypto is an original, six-part animated video series from the minds of Tenacious D. Each frame of every episode was hand-drawn by Jack himself, with every character voiced by Black and Gass." ); they're drawings that are charming in their childishness and artlessness, there's no actual movement, not in the 'animated' sense—the drawings simply show what's happening in the series, with the addition of audio, TD music, and light sound effects to drive it all home.

You can watch the first three episodes below, with new ones appearing on the Tenacious D YouTube channel every Friday until November 2, when Post-Apocalypto the album is dropped. They're pretty entertaining, especially if you love classic Tenacious D humor—and the theme song is classic Black rock—but beware: even though the drawings look juvenile, there are definitely NSFW moments.

More exciting than all of this??? The D will be stopping through Seattle in December, on my birthday, a Friday—WHICH MEANS I CAN GO TO THAT BITCH. It'll be at the Moore Theatre. Apparently it's sold out, which sucks, considering I only found out it was happening a few days ago, but it isn't the end of the world; there's always an extra floating around somewhere. Hopefully I can avoid getting one from a scalper.

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