Seattle Public School District Docks Teacher Pay for Sit-In



They should lose pay: they are paid to teach not bitch and protest.



And we should feel sorry for the because?

Teachers are not God’s gift to Earth. They have to follow rules and be accountable just like the rest of us.



Fortunately for the rest of us, you don't live in Seattle, so you don't get any say on what happens in the SEATTLE Public School District.


This is good news.




Hey should get paid. They were teaching the new class Activism 101.


My adult child is a Seattle teacher. Not part of this but if he was I’d totally support discipline and pay dock. Great to see all comments so far in left leaning Stranger readers are unaimous that the walkout was a lame move.

And the district had a duty to act as they did in moving staff around. Any blame is to the lame parents and students who did not show up to school as agreed at Nova.


Retired teacher here. I think district is taking the right action. Teaching asks a lot of teachers including having to move them when numbers and money demand. Teachers have a responsibility to be in classrooms teaching.

Seniority preserves some and that seems fair. What good really did their little protest do? They need to choose their battles better. The strikes over last few years were valid. But this one? Not in my opinion.


@3 Then vote the school board out of office and consider running for office yourself. Of course you will probably say something to the effect that you see the problem but don't have the answers yourself; a handy cop-out. The old adage still stands "no work no pay".