Slog AM Don't Bring Pot to Canada, Senator Elizabeth Warren Takes DNA Test, Is Putting Googly Eyes on Statues a Crime?



Most tribes require a specific percentage of Native “blood,” called blood quantum, in addition to being able to document which tribal member you descend from. Some tribes require as much as 25% Native heritage, and most require at least 1/16th Native heritage, which is one great-great grandparent.

In order to check the Native American box on job applications you need to be part of a tribe. Warren lied on her application, whether it was intentional or not, I don't know. She would have been better off just saying she made a mistake and checked the box because her family said she had Native American ancestry. My great-great-great-great-great grandmother was Native American and I looked into this for college applications and found out I did not make the cut.


Googly eyes??? What kind of depraved monster would sink so low?


I'll bet democracy buster Brian Kemp is responsible for those googly eyes. You can't trust people who hate democracy.


Ah so is The Strangers position now officially that the Proud Boys engaging in unprovoked street violence is bad? In the past it, such as when it happened here with the full blessing of SPD, was "that was dumb why does anybody bother even showing up to these things" so I'm just trying to keep up.


@1: Trump committed massive, multi-million dollar tax fraud with his father's estate. I guess we'll just call it even, because checking the native ancestry box is totally equivalent.

President Welcher needs to pay up.



Is it possible that these were two positions taken by two different writers and The Stranger doesn't have an "official" position on this particular issue? And further that maybe each of these positions were taken in these cases on light of the particulars of the situation?


So what do we think about a Democrat-majority house unsealing and making public Trump’s (or his inner circle’s) tax returns? Part of me says ‘hell yes, the public needs to know, stick it to the asshole’ but part of me thinks it is mainly a stunt that will ultimately make no real difference and use up political capital that could be spent pursuing policy changes.


Warren was my favorite candidate, and now she is not. She is validating every smear ever leveled at the left about our obsession with ethnic identity. A fucking rock has more Native American DNA than that test showed. The fact that she (and the Stranger) are touting this as some kind of victory is a little surreal. And the fact that this incandescently white woman is choosing THIS MOMENT to embarrass the Democratic party demonstrates she has more than trace amounts of narcissism. Unreal. Trump should pay up. And she should go away.


@9: your concern is noted.




Look: every American has African ancestors. Trump does.

That don't make you black (or native American). You gotta look it, learn it, or live it. Warren's 0/3.


@10: your concern is noted.


Someone should put googly eyes on that Trump painting.


@13: by that standard, Rachel Dolezal is black.


The only people who need to worry about the ethnicity of their DNA are those who feel it imparts unto them some degree of superiority. As far as I'm concerned, touting your race (not to be confused with culture) is inherently racist.




@6 I was talking about Warren, I wasn't comparing her to Trump but ok.

@7 "Warren’s claims to Native American heritage has certainly been challenged by many critics, and it is true that while Warren was at U. Penn. Law School she put herself on the “Minority Law Teacher” list as Native American in the faculty directory of the Association of American Law Schools, and that Harvard Law School at one time promoted Warren as a Native American faculty member"


@18: oh, so Dolezal, former professor of AA studies at EWU, didn't "learn it"? she sure as hell tried to "look it" and "live it".

now Warren isn't native ENOUGH, or DNA tests are "junk science", or she never should have mentioned it (even though it's common as dirt for whipipo to do so in OK). quibble quibble quibble. Trump needs to pay up - it would be the largest charitable donation of his life, but I'm sure he can manage it without using any of his own funds.


@10: It's all extremely funny.


@21: I am just wondering why this is so important to you that you have to frantically run damage control and whatabout all over some local blog.

It's such a petty little quibble, after all. Why spend your entire morning obsessing over it?


@23 Reread my first post. I said job applications, I mentioned college applications when referring to myself.


@25 Hahaha this will blow up in Warren's face.

According to the link below, the average white American has .18% Native American ancestry. Warren has .097%, so she has less Native American Ancestry than an average white person. Its hilarious that she tried to pull this off as a win.


@25: Look, you're an idiot, so I am not going to waste much time with you, but while it may make your life easier to pretend that everyone is some straw man you invented, it isn't going to help you get mentally well.



Perhaps I misunderstood your first post.

Dolezal isn’t black and warren isn’t Native American, at least not enough for pretty much every standard and metric to count for anythjng.

Pretty much end of story me thinks.


Smokey Sausage is trying extra hard this morning...

All the lolz, plus a few extra from under the seat cushion.


Lolz.....”warren had a distant ancestor from approximately 10 generations ago”

Yep...that certainly

1/1024th Native American....what a joke.

Trump may be a fool and an idiot, but if anything, this dna test is going to blow up in warrens face more than anyone else’s.


Senator Warren's decades of lying about being Cherokee wouldn't be as bad, had she not turned it into getting two jobs reserved for minorities (at Penn and Harvard). And the idea that being 1/512th to 1/1024th Native American "vindicates" her claim to be Cherokee is horseshit. That's less than half the average white person yanked off the street and given a 23andme test. And she knows it, which makes you wonder why she bothered to double down on this stupid lie to begin with.

Let me help the Strangertariat try and wrap their heads around a crazy idea: just because Trump lies doesn't mean people who hate can't, or don't, lie as well. If you want to know how Trump succeeds, it's got far more to do with the self-destructive nature of his enemies than his own talent. This is just more proof.

Shocking, isn't it?


I think it's funny Warren caved to Trump who was clearly trolling her. Jesus, we need someone who doesn't fall for Trump's SHIT!! No to Warren in 2020...we need someone who can out troll troll but not be a real life dick. Is there anyone on the left who can do that?


@39 Warren's bullshit claims about being Cherokee dogged her long before Trump was president. It was an issue in her senate race against Scott Brown, and has never gone away. The more damage control she's tried to make it go away, the worse it gets. It was the Boston Herald, not Donald Trump, who coined the "Fauxcohantas" moniker for her - Trump is simply hitting her where she's historically proven to be sensitive, and crucially, make things worse for herself every time.


@1 It was a BS college kid move probably in hopes of making herself sound more interesting the way young people tend to do, but it wasn't on an application for admittance or a loan, or a resume, or anything like that.

From the article:
"The question of Warren's ancestry came up during her first run for U.S. Senate in 2012 when the Boston Herald reported she registered as a minority in law school directories in the 1980s. Warren defended herself by claiming she was told of her Native American ancestry by family members and that the registry entry was for meeting persons with similar backgrounds, rather than to advance her career."


yea dude her claims about her native heritage really dragged her in that senate race where she beat the incumbent by almost 10 points, i can see why trump won't shut up about it he's definitely hitting her where it hurts


@all Your concern is noted.

Does that cover it?


@43 I didn't say they hurt her. She's a Democrat running in Massachusetts - shit, Ted Kennedy killed his mistress while drunk driving, and kept winning reelection to the senate until he died. Scott Brown was anomaly, but if you knew anything about New England politics (you don't), you'd know that Brown strictly interim after Teddy croaked, and that anyone with "D" after their name on the ballot would win.

If you can read (you can, right? It doesn't seem to be your strong suit) you will see what I actually wrote: that Donald Trump did not conjure this accusation out of thin air, and that this is something that has been a hair across her ass since she got into politics. And also, that every time she does damage control on it, it backfires on her, spectacularly. And it just did again. About the only thing that would make it worse would be if she hired Michael Avenatti to sue Trump for libel.