Damien Chazelle's follow-up to La La Land, First Man, opened last weekend, and stars Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong as he goes to the Mooooooon! There was a lot of stuff I liked about First Man, and some stuff I didn't like, BUT THE BIGGEST QUESTION ABOUT FIRST MAN REMAINS UNANSWERED.

Much of First Man involves the Gemini Program, which means First Man features a lot of people saying "Gemini" over and over and over. In a sane universe, they would pronounce "Gemini" like normal human beings:


Yet in First Man, multiple characters repeatedly and bewilderingly pronounce "Gemini" as:


It's actually not even quite like that? It's faster, more like "Gem-inny." Or "Hermione," but if Hermione Granger was a NASA program? I digress.

WHAT'S UP, FIRST MAN? "Gem-in-knee" is not how "Gemini" is pronounced... right? It is "Gem-in-eye," right? Even Cambridge agrees. I know because I looked it up, because throughout First Man, I kept thinking, "Wait, is that how you say 'Gemini'? Have I been pronouncing it wrong my entire life? Have I not actually even heard 'Gemini' spoken out loud, and as a result have just assumed it was 'Gem-in-eye'? Could it really be 'Gem-in-knee'? AM I GOING INSANE????"

The friendly robot at Merriam-Webster says it's "Gem-in-knee," so that confuses matters, and further Googling in-depth pronunciation research revealed this, which attempts to clarify the issue by bringing Jiminy Cricket and someone's "astrologer aunt" into this. So that's helpful.

Wait. WHAT??

Okay, so America's most trusted newsman, Walter Cronkite, was in the "knee" camp. But America's Fresh Prince is in the "eye" camp! He also dislikes bugs!

Oh god. It's "symbiote" all over again.