and Stormy Daniels has to pay legal fees to Donald Trump after the judge threw out the case.....


None of this matters to republicans.

Stigginit and the Ends Justify the Means are all they care about.

One thing I find particularly interesting to watch unfold is the battle on abortion. For evangelical christians, Roe v. Wade has become their White Whale. They've abandoned everything else in pursuit of it: Their values, their morals, their families, their lives... their souls.


I don't think he initially paid Stormy for sex.


Wait... I thought liberals were pro sex and pro sex workers. How is this not just another form of slut shaming?


If you think this is funny, just wait until Elizabeth "one-drop" Warren declares her 2020 run.

@3: Conservatives found out long ago that it really doesn't matter if they guy you vote for is a stupid asshole, as long as he votes for the shit you want.

But seriously, Roe V. Wade is not going anywhere. It has been precedent for way too long for any judge to want to touch it. Forget Roe, forget SCOTUS. The fight for abortion is now, and has been for decades, solely about access and state legislatures.


@ 4,

As if anyone would fuck Prezinazi AntiChrist before cashing a six-figure check. Baaaarrrrfff!

Actually, Miss Lindsey Grayuhm has raised his legs higher and spread them wider than all the other Tdumpnazi whores, so that makes him the biggest whore in Chile Verde.


Meanwhile Jim Jones has been holding rallies and talking shit and there are people still waiting for assistance and help after Hurricane Michael. Has he even made an appearance down there? Has this piece of shit done anything at all in his entire presidency that resembles doing his fucking job? Why NO ONE, ANYWHERE, IN HIS IN CIRCLE, DOES NOT SHUT HIM THE FUCK UP IS BEYOND ME AND IT IS PUSHING ME OVER THE EDGE. PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's telling that Progressives think it's appropriate and acceptable to use gay slurs to demonize their opponents. Sad to see that homophobia is still very much alive and well on that side of the aisle.


@2 repeatedly paying for sex with people in the adult entertainment industry isn't usually called "having affairs" despite what media say.


@1 she is shaking him down and has made a nice chunk of change with her story. Overall, about the best-hope scenario for a stripper and porn star who chose to sleep with Donald Trump could hope for. She's legitimized her name, can charge appearance fees. It just keeps coming up Daniels!


"Has he even made an appearance down there?"
The president and First Lady have.
I have no idea if Jim Jones has or has not.
(Do you think it would be helpful if he did?)

BTW: You seem more hysterical than usual today... Are your meds balanced?


@10 calling someone a whore isn't a gay slur.


I gotta admit to having a pretty good laugh upon reading the chosen pejorative, if only due to the sheer and utter absurdity of it all. But I had to go and have another glance at her to verify that her face is absolutely "normal" if not attractive, by any of our common/conventional standards. Surely there was some other insult he could've lobbed, something related to her intelligence or whatever that'd be more subjective and less easily refuted?


Remember a couple weeks ago when you commented wondering why slog wasn't reporting a story, hinting at the liberal dark state media's agenda, but you didn't have the common sense to check the morning news feed from the day that the story was being reported and seatackled told you to go to the doctor and check if there was a cure for being a dumbshit? That was pretty funny. Also, I don't think there's a cure.


RE: Elizabeth "one-drop" Warren and her 2020 run:

"A DNA test is useless to determine tribal citizenship. Current DNA tests do not even distinguish whether a person's ancestors were indigenous to North or South America. Sovereign tribal nations set their own legal requirements for citizenship, and while DNA tests can be used to determine lineage, such as paternity to an individual, it is not evidence for tribal affiliation. Using a DNA test to lay claim to any connection to the Cherokee Nation or any tribal nation, even vaguely, is inappropriate and wrong. It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is prove. Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage."

Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin, Jr

A truly glowing endorsement by her Tribe! But hard to fit on a bumper sticker... Maybe pare it down to:
"Senator Warren is undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage." That should look good on a campaign button!


Demeaning "Miss Lindsey Grayuhm" for making himself available to penetrative anal sex sound like a gay slur to me... Or was the slur referring to him as Miss? Making it only misogynistic?

No... Pretty sure this qualifies as both homophobic AND misogynistic!



Pushing you over the edge??? Lmfao...get a grip and take some meds.


Waiting for the Left to realize that Avenatti is a Russian paid Trump deep implant and saboteur...


@16 Not true. Both heteros and gays can be whores and it isn't necessarily wrong to say so. The inference that he is gay therefore a whore is yours entirely.


Okay.... So it's a homophobic, misogynistic, slut shaming slur that's also anti-sex worker.


Dear Don the Con: While I wouldn't believe you if
you TOLD me you were lying, truer words
were never spoken, @The Donald:

"She knows nothing abut me, a total Con!"

"Trumpf U, Stormy!
Don't spend my lousy $130K all in one place!"


If there’s anyone who should not cast stones about a person’s physical appearance, it’s that fat ton of cheeseburger lard ass, triple-chinned, orange-colored, smoosh-nosed, toadstool-dicked ugly-ass POS Trump.

Sorry, but he started it.


One thing everyone "celebrating" this decision seem to be overlooking is that the judge's ruling doesn't in any way invalidate Ms. Clifford's original claim that she was paid $130,000 to keep silent about the secret affair she alleges she had with Space Cadet Bone-Spurs shortly after the birth of his child (which is still pending); it only narrowly focuses on whether a single, specific statement made by the defendant constituted "defamation". In this context it's a very small victory, and has no bearing on the far more serious initial charge, which even his own lawyers now admit has merit.

Also, Avenatti is going to appeal, so this is really only, like, round 4 - there are several more to go before this is settled definitively.


@20 I'll grant you that is it demeaning to prostitutes to be compared to people like Graham who vote to take healthcare away from babes and bomb the hell out of Timbuktu. The rest of your diatribe however is the regurgitation of poorly digested political correctness.


I have great respect for truly pious people. If there are any people like that left in The Religious Right, I haven’t met them, just hypocrites who think scripture is something you wave like a get out of jail card. They wouldn’t recognize Jesus if he smacked them in the face with a nail pounded through a 2x4.


@8, you spelt Lindsley wrong.
Not that there's anything Wrong with it.


Avenatti desperately seeks relevance after torpedoing his integrity over Julie Swetnick's copy-cat Kavanaugh rape allegations - which failed to get any corroboration.



As far as that goes, the nail could have been driven through his own hand - also the fact that he would be very dark-skinned and speak an archaic Galilean dialect of Semitic Aramaic instead of 'Mukin English would just confuse and anger them to no end.


@27 Avenatti and Daniels are my OTP


Malignant NPD never takes a holiday.


No actually Trump aka Jim Jones hasn't been there and for all those who are constantly on my ass harassing me, attacking me, telling me to adjust my meds, etc. So boring, so tired, so old. Seriously, how many different profiles do you create just so you can be nasty to me. Your lives must be seriously dull. I'm unhinged? I must be off meds? Every single day Jim Jones does something totally sick, disturbed, insane, and out of line (he is after all the so-called president) and all you have for a dialogue about it is a comment about or directed to me. Print my comments and jack off to them, your obsessions are stalkerish and reek of incel rage. K thanks bye.


oh wait he went yesterday. my bad. the hurricane happened on 10/4.


Slut or not, it’s pretty shameful to have slept with trump. It would be one thing, I suppose, if he had something going on down there, but like most conservative men, he’s sadly lacking. Just a sad little mushroom.

Conservatism can be cured, you know. All it takes is an occasional orgasm and regular bowel movements, but sex and potty time terrifies Republican men. I blame their mothers. It’s not natural for a woman to be a Republican. It warps their maternal instinct.


@33: I don't think shaming women is appropriate, regardless of whom they sleep with.


How nice for you, Raindrop dear.


Well... Someone better tell CNN to knock it off with the fake news then:




@35: It was tongue-in-cheek.



Granted I don't know too much about Trump's personal life prior to the Obama presidency (when he went on about the birther bullshit), but back when he and Stormy Daniels had an affair, wasn't he just a reality TV celebrity who had been a sleazy development tycoon? I mean, if you are going to do work that includes having sex with rich men for money, then there was nothing about Trump that really stood out before to make him any more shameful than any other rich dude paying for sex was there?


As to the larger topic, I think we'll see more of this sort of thing since the GOP has been appointing judges like mad- we've lost that branch of govt as well. Wonder if Schumer is regretting making a deal with McConnel to fast track all those judges? Have no idea if this judge is a recent appointee or not, but I suspect this is what most charges brought against Trump will look like. Hope we can vote out the GOP despite their voter suppression. Maybe we can challenge voter disenfranchisement at the SCOTUS level? Oh right. They just decided to allow it to continue. And this is before Kavanaugh takes his seat. Kagan and Ginsberg penned a nice but irrelevant dissent. I have no idea why SotoMayor and Breyer did not join it. It's funny how things you know are going to happen are still surprising when they keep happening. I guess the alternative is despairing apathy.


@5, @7, @10, @13, @15, @16, @17, @18, @20, @36 & @37: You idiot trolls are the ones in serious need of balancing your meds along with a full physical, psyche eval, rabies' shot, and a frontal lobotomy wouldn't hurt either. Get over your drooling xenophobic hysteria already.
@8 Original Andrew: Agreed.
@9, @31, and @32 xina: +1 You GO, girl! Kick dumb RepubliKKKan ass and take names.
Women and girls everywhere should be livid as hell. Enough is fucking enough.
@21 kristofarian, @22 Schmacky, and @23 COMTE: I love you guys!
@22: Schmacky, I nominate your comment for the win.
@33 Catalina, you just plain continue to rock.

I understand Robert Mueller has enough totally damning evidence against Mein Trumpfy. May it go public and the impeachment proceedings begin effectively upon the Blue Tsunami. I'm with Schmacky: Trump started it.


Quote: "And, yes, this tweet, like all his others, is no doubt meant to distract us from the corruption, theft, and self-dealing, as well as the destruction of the planet"

And you're helping with the distraction by writing about it. By the way, I don't think Clinton would be coming down all that hard on the Saudis either. Her State Department and her foundation were pretty tight with the regime, so she'd be soft-pedaling around it. Not to mention, Obama's arms sales to the Saudis set an all-time record. No US administration is going to cut off all that money and oil so quickly.


@39 he was a known piece of shit. The central park five thing, the USFL, the access Hollywood tapes had already been made, he'd been known to gawk in the changing rooms of his miss teen USA pageants, his first wife's rape allegation, etc.

I think it's fair to judge someone by the company they choose, which would include who they sleep with.


@5: We think Donny Orangeface is an asshole, not Stormy, who's done nothing wrong?

@10: Ohhhhhhhhh, I get it now, you're an irredeemable asshole, too!


@42: She definitely would be providing cover for them, just like her sexual predator husband. Clinton is a terrible person (on an absolute scale; relative to the far Right, she's a saint), which is exactly why we tried so hard to nominate someone with a shred of integrity left to the Democratic ticket.


@43 Ah, you're right. I had not thought of those things - the Central Park 5 especially. I still don't know what USFL refers to. Before he started on about that birther bullshit, I really only had a faint idea of who he was. Struck me as a sleazy rich developer with probably mafia connections, lots of drama in his divorces and a stupid tv show.
Clinton yes is a terrible person, will she please go away. Bill is a sex offender. Both of them have a horrendous foreign policy record that is nearly as bad as the GOP, and yes that includes their ties to the Saudis. But to be fair, basically all the very rich establishment have ties with the Saudis- it's everywhere you look. Foundations too. Bill and Melinda Gates are investing in Riyadh, loads of tech companies too. And of course the Clintons and the Bushes and just about every big industry in the US has investments in KSA or else KSA is investing in them- your hotel chains, your entertainment industry, obviously all the defense contractors, the luxury condo boom, etc.

I mean I'm sorry this journalist lost his head, but the Saudis are committing a genocide in Yemen with planes they bought from Boeing and refueling they get from the US military. They literally can't make the trip without the US. To me this seems a much bigger deal. And the US literally executes people extrajudicially all the fucking time.


"Horse face"? Didn't he say Stormy reminded him of his daughter?


@3 " For evangelical christians, Roe v. Wade has become their White Whale. They've abandoned everything else in pursuit of it."
Not entirely. There are still all those pesky "hommersatchels" and all that godless sex they have that they (the GOP) can't stop obsessing over...

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