Reader Thoughts on Short Guys, Booze, Buttons, and Wankers

Savage Love Letter of the Day: Reader Advice Round-up



Here's a management training video that JACKS might want to check out:


@1 I should probably disclose that it's a rendition of "The Winker Song (misprint)" by Ivor Biggun.


Slaps own forehead. Of course, it's even occurred to me that I'm not fussed about a guy's height because I've dated women who are shorter than me, so why would I be put off by a shorter man? Glad someone else(s) said it!

Managers are wankers indeed, haha.


LOL @ the tall girl with the shorter Mexican boyfriend & the eleven year age difference...your relationship is SO close to mirroring mine...except he's more like 5'8" and is relatively light-skinned. 😂😂 but I'm CRAZY about mine, too...

LW, not all of us ladies are hung up on height--whether we're straight, bi, or somewhere in between! Keep searching, and give bi girls a chance!


@3: I similarly did not make the connection, but now that she mentions it, yes! I'm bi and rarely dated a man taller than me.


instead of telling her to go to AA. There are other ways to manage heavy/overdrinking besides abstinence,
Yes, they're called misery and death. People who can modify their drinking don't need special help to do so. Of course 'go to AA,' doesn't mean much. There's no knowing what KIND of 'AA' the LW might come across in their neighborhood. From an 'understanding fellowship' to a fundy cult, AA has NO 'quality control' in place.