Heavier than Iron Butterfly.
Heavier than Iron Butterfly. Soul Assassins

DJ Muggs and Roc Marciano, "White Dirt" (Soul Assassins)

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It's very rare for hiphop producers to be making some of their best work nearly three decades into their career—Shabazz Palaces/Knife Knights' Ishmael Butler is one of the few exemplars. But based on the new Cypress Hill LP, Elephants on Acid, and the few tracks from the new collaboration with MC Roc Marciano that I've heard off their new KAOS album (out October 19), that's exactly what DJ Muggs is throwing down in 2018. This is heart-warming news to a guy who bought the the first Cypress Hill full-length on CD the week it came out in 1991. (Cypress Hill still ranks as their peak.)

The production on "White Dirt" is filthily psychedelic and deeper than Jean-Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness. While I can live without Marciano's "money and hoes, bitch" refrain, his flow, clever braggadocio, and vocal grain are pitiless and caustic. But the real action occurs in the music, where Muggs constructs a vortex of doomy, mindfucking organ warpage beyond Iron Butterfly at their most sinister and bass plunges that stun your solar plexus. "White Dirt" makes me think that Muggs and Marciano should coax Gravediggaz back into action and tour with them. It's chthonic af.

KAOS is a 10-song score made to soundtrack an upcoming feature film coming in Spring 2019. The film follows two childhood friends, Muggs and Roc Marci, who were brought up in different areas of New York: Hempstead, Long Island and Flushing, Queens. After a significant amount of time spent apart, they are reunited after Muggs serves out a 10-year prison bid. With hopes to rule the streets once again, the trio act out in 'kaos' towards anyone who tries to get in their way. The album is a representation of their journey.

A special edition of KAOS vinyl will be released via Rappcats with unique packaging and covers limited to 400 numbered copies to be shipped immediately. These records will be assembled and numbered by hand. 100 of the 400 copies will be held for an October 21st live event at the Rappcats shop in Los Angeles.