Would you like antibiotics with that?
Would you like antibiotics with that? igor_kel/Getty Images

Largest civil-rights resolution for the state in state history happening in Quincy: Attorney General Bob Ferguson sued the Horning Brothers vegetable-packing house over worker sexual harassment. Ferguson alleged that a supervisor behaved inappropriately toward female workers over a period of years by groping and propositioning them. The packing house will pay $525,000 to settle the lawsuit. That’s the largest civil-rights resolution for the state in state history.

All hail Burgerville: Burger chains across the country are guilty of pumping their beef full of antibiotics. A new study is exposing the winners and losers. Among the few chains that don’t subscribe to that bull(cow?)shit are Shake Shack and Burgerville. Shake Shack just got a location in South Lake Union. Burgerville is a Washington staple. Though you can’t get it north of exit 82 along I-5.

Amazon ruins Christmas: Our favorite local booksellers are screaming bah humbug straight into the faces of their warehouse workers. The workers are calling Amazon’s adoption of a $15 minimum wage at the expense of their bonuses a “slap in the face.” The company is cutting variable compensation and it’s happening right around the holidays which is rubbing salt in the wound, according to MONEY—a publication, not the thing Jeff Bezos has too much of.

Queen Anne neighborhood group fighting backyard cottages: Again. The legislation the Seattle City Council is trying to pass would ease restrictions for accessory dwellings—backyard cottages and mother-in-law dwellings. If the legislation passes, it will allow both of these kinds of dwellings to exist on one property. It would ease Seattle into becoming a more dense city. However, the neighborhood group filed an appeal. That could delay things for several months. They’ve also fought this legislation before in 2016 and won.

This dry weather may stick around: El Niño is here, folks. Well, there’s a 70 to 75 percent chance that El Niño will be here this winter. That means that the weather will be dry and warmer than normal. Drought in Washington may stick around.

RV slams into West Seattle Health Club: The owner is pissed. Apparently, an RV flubbed a turn, went up and over the curb, and launched straight into the club’s facade. The owner estimates there was $200,000 of damage done. He also said he has seen the vehicle parked adjacent to a homeless encampment. He’s “fed up” with the encampment.

Councilmember Rob Johnson rocked a statement piece today: Impeach the motherfucker already, indeed, Rob.

Does this cloud mean aliens? It appeared like a giant rip in the clouds above Covington, WA. People were confused. What kind of cloud is that? They asked. KOMO answered. It’s a “Hole Cloud.” It’s caused by planes ascending and descending within clouds.

Rare paralysis disease leaves Washington families floundering: For some reason, cases of acute flaccid myelitis are spiking this year. There’s no known cause for AFM, but it weakens muscles and reflexes. It often manifests as limb paralysis or a drooping face or trouble swallowing. There have been 127 confirmed cases across the country. Eight of them are in Washington.

Rihanna standing in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick: Apparently, she was offered the headlining slot for whichever number Super Bowl is coming up. She said no because she doesn’t agree with the NFL’s stance about players kneeling during the national anthem.

Canada’s version of Girl Scouts sell out of their cookies in front of cannabis store The Girl Guides sold out of their cookies on the first day of Girl Guide cookie season. Just a day ago, Canada became the second country to legalize weed. These smart cookies decided to sell their cookies in front of a pot shop. Business was booming.

Canada is still better than us: Along with legalizing weed nationwide, Canada has announced that it will be scrubbing all minor cannabis convictions off of people’s records. According to CBC, more than 500,000 Canadians could be eligible for these pot pardons. There’s no pardon timeline yet, which has people worried.