Weekday Trumpdate: Hating on Migrants, Loving on Cruz, Lying About Saudi Arabia



Are you not entertained?


omg -- we cannot swap Morality for Ca$h.
How crass.

We got bombs and plenty other Weaponries of Mass Destruction to sell off (THINK OF THE J O B S) to the guys what dropped our Twin fucking Towers on 9/11. Plus, that Prince's got something over on Trumpfy -- loans or hot vids or ... something. But I bet that young Prince will think nothing of selling out our Prez, push comes to shove, but quick, should need arise...

Hey, I've got an Idea, Mr. President -- why don't we Bomb Canada? Surely you and the dick Cheny can find SOME kinda link there....

Plus, Dick's got tons of Experience setting up totally innocent countries. It'll be a Cakewalk. Might wanna forgo the Nukes, however -- the fallout might wipe out Americans.

REAL Americans.