Didn't Get a Ballot in the Mail? Don't Worry It's Not Too Late to Vote



Voting is NOT a constitutional right in the US. That’s exactly the problem. You have no right to vote. That is why voter suppression is so common, and has no remedy. You have no right to vote.


You will also notice that only one of the accessible/in-person voting locations is in the 8th District, in Bellevue. Other counties may have accessible/in-person voting locations elsewhere in the 8th district. Maybe.


@1: Eh, it's kind of like the right to privacy. Nothing in the constitution explicitly states you have a right to privacy, but that inherent right is woven into so much of the document, that courts generally affirm the right to privacy in practice.

Amendments which prohibit voting discrimination suggest that there is an implicit right to vote, if not an explicit one.