You have accomplished nothing
You have accomplished nothing. Reader email

We have been getting emails about Daron Morris ever since ballots hit mailboxes last week. People keep telling us that The Stranger got it wrong in our endorsement issue and Daron Morris is in fact still running for the King County Prosecuting Attorney's race.

First, let me congratulate everyone on doing their civic duty and reading the Stranger Election Control Board's endorsement issue and voting accordingly. But while it might be fashionable to assume The Stranger is wrong, we are actually correct in this instance.

Daron Morris is not running.

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He dropped out of the race for undisclosed reasons back in September. As our SECB guide stated, he is no longer running for office. The only reason you are seeing his name on the ballot is because he dropped out too late for his name to be removed from ballots.

If for some reason you want to vote for a person that is no longer running, vote for Morris. Maybe you will be sending some sort of message to the fake-Democrat incumbent Dan Satterberg. If you want to vote for someone that is actually running, vote for Satterberg.

Just don't email us saying that Daron Morris is on the ballot. We already know.

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