Our souls, and our faces, belong to The Spheres.
Our souls, and our faces, belong to The Spheres. CHARLES MUDEDE

Spokane City Council says fuck you to Border Patrol: This time it’s official. The city council voted to approve a new rule that would prohibit Border Patrol from searching city property not open to the public. This means that Border Patrol will have to obtain written permission from the city mayor before searching places that require a ticket to enter, like, say the Intermodal Center where people get on Greyhound buses.

$3 million tent proposed to temporarily house homeless: The idea of the “mass shelter tent” comes from a Los Angeles program called A Bridge Home. It’s a facility that includes large tent structures that “include features such as showers, storage, restrooms, laundry, open spaces and pet areas, case management, and mental health counseling. It would house 75-100 people at a time,” according to KING5. The idea was proposed by Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda. It would cost $3 million before operating costs.

New Alaska Airline terminal at Paine Field almost open for business: The two-gate passenger terminal is almost done! Alaska Airlines has started hiring to fill staffing positions at the new location. Passengers could be flying out of Paine sometime this fall.

Look what was at the bottom of the sea: The oldest, most-intact shipwreck was found today. Paul Allen would’ve cried. That man loved sunken ships.

Spokane candidate for sheriff is actually dead: Scott Maclay, who legally changed his name to Dumpozzie Dot Com, was running for sheriff against incumbent Ozzie Knezovich. Maclay (or Dot Com?), died in a motorcycle crash in September. His name is still on the ballot.

Amazon shopped their facial recognition around to ICE: Yeah, Amazon pitched the software to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. ‘Cause giving ICE that kind of technology to wield would be great for the public. This software can identify faces in still photos and videos and the ACLU has called on Amazon to stop selling it to government agencies. ICE, according to ICE, doesn’t have a contract with Amazon for the software.

Maybe Sound Transit’s escalators aren’t that bad? I can’t stop watching this video.

A plane with the markings of the WWII Nazi Luftwaffe just crashed on a Los Angeles freeway: The 101* is slammed because this guy with a vintage Nazi plane took it on a joyride and crashed. He’s okay. The plane is on fire. Traffic is a nightmare. I used to drive home that way from saxophone lessons every Tuesday. Never saw any Nazis, though.

The U.S. is defending our elections this time: It’s the first (known) cyber operation to protect U.S. elections. Defense officials are targeting specific Russian individuals and letting them know that they’re being targeted. So, remind me again if Russia hacked the 2016 election?

Senior Veterans’ Affairs official didn’t know the portrait in his office was of the KKK’s first grand wizard: He thought it was a “very nice” and “beautiful print.” A Washington Post reporter informed him that the portrait was of Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate general and the first grand wizard of the KKK.

This man sat dead in his car for over a week in New York and no one noticed: This story is incredible. It’s also incredibly sad. It details the life of Geoffrey Weglarz, a down-on-his-luck 57-year-old programmer. One day in August, Weglarz ended his life with a vial of poison he bought off the dark web. But, it also talks about how the police didn’t do anything when they were contacted by Weglarz’s friends and family. The horror of the story is how many people walked past and didn’t notice Weglarz dead inside.

Megyn Kelly apologizes for saying that blackface was okay when she was a kid: This is the initial video that sparked the outrage. Subject matter aside has daytime TV always been so… terrible? Anyway, Kelly says this shit and then her coworkers (and the world) got mad so she apologized and that's the story.

Goldman Sachs is buying Smith Tower: The deal is part of a $750 million package of properties the company is buying in Seattle and Denver, according to Mike Rosenberg and the Seattle Times. Smith Tower has now been owned by five different owners in 15 years. Side note, but does anyone know whether that myth about the family living in the top of Smith Tower is true? Or did someone punk me?

* I can say “the 101” because I’m referring to Los Angeles, okay?