At least we can all agree both political parties absolutely suck for our country. Now lets go vote for them.


@1: I don't agree with that. there's a wide gulf between "kinda sucks that they don't fight smarter" and "taken over by the Birchers sucks".


At least the bombs are likely fake. At least, that one we all saw the picture of certainly looked like it, with the big cartoonish digital clock taped to the front, according to bomb technicians interviewed by the NYT:


After watching the judge video, I feel like the guy in the suit wasn't really trying. He was definitely phoning in that chase.


@1, one party is pretty clearly worse than the other (GOP is the greater evil) but we need to be honest that when Clinton tweeted out that it's okay to harass the opposition party in restaurants our side isn't helping matters.

Needless to say: on election night I'd avoid any of the bars where politicians are celebrating and just stay home to watch the returns. I'm worried that the losing side may engage in some violent behavior. Be safe kids


The Illegal Alien Caravan is a huge mid-term boon for the GOP.


@ 7,

I see an exodus of innocent men, women, and children bravely fleeing violence and searching for a better life. What does that have to do with the GOPnazis pray tell?


A better life as advertised on Lady Liberty, no less. What sort of monsters are afraid of our own Lady Liberty?


@8 it's always something but right now it looks like the [checks notes] illegal alien / muslim terrorist caravan is the #trending distraction so republicans don't have to talk about gutting social security and medicare

of course there are still 2 weeks to go so that could change several times between now and november


6 - Yes, restaurant inconveniences are social squabbles that one would normally expect to escalate into mad bombings. Of course. #MAGA!


That wingnuts need, endorse and enjoy the threat of mass violence against public persons speaks to the core of #MAGA, if you did not yet notice.

And yes, that is also fascism.


The chehalis judge story is epic


Although a blowtorch seems excessive, I totally understand the reasoning.


@11 or shootings at baseball games


The brave men and women across Central America should devote their energies to fixing their societies.
If the best and brightest flee, things will never get better; and it is a selfish shit move to abandon their less capable fellow countrymen.
If they do want to flee, they should pursue lawful options.

This brazen attack by foreign Leftists on our borders and laws reminds people that the Democrats do not even pretend to care about border security or enforcement of the law.



Officials released video of federal investigators questioning convicted domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins II, who explained that he attacked the Family Research Council headquarters because the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) identified them as a “hate group” due to their traditional marriage views.

“Southern Poverty Law lists anti-gay groups,” Corkins tells interrogators in the video, which FRC obtained from the FBI. “I found them online, did a little research, went to the website, stuff like that.”

The Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard reported that Corkins, who pleaded guilty to terrorism charges, said in court that he hoped to “kill as many as possible and smear the Chick-Fil-A sandwiches in victims’ faces, and kill the guard.”


Don't be surprised when the SPLC turns out to be behind the fake bombs;
sent to terrify credulous Leftists into donating.....


It takes a big man to murder a tiny, innocent arachnid with an incendiary device. Grow a spine snowflake.


@10: Do you guys just think the caravan of migrants is faked or something? Like, is it crisis actors or CGI?

I mean, that many people marching towards a border stating they intend to illegally cross is going to be a news story regardless of who is in the White House. Politicians are going to talk about it. It's a pretty big political issue.

I honestly don't understand all the whining and kvetching about it getting news coverage.


I dunno, the interview I heard said their family was hoping to enter at a legal border crossing and legally seek legal asylum. They're innocent until proven guilty you know!


@20 not sure where you got the idea that i think it's fake (except maybe the muslim terrorist thing because come on now seriously) maybe try reading better

i understand that it is a real news story that pushes all the right buttons for trump voters even though there is little anyone in this country can do to stop people in other countries from trying to come here, and it matters far less to anyone's quality of life than republicans gutting popular social services, which is what they plan to do to offset the massive tax cut they already gave to rich people


@23: Got it. The idea of people whining that other people are talking about topics they do not want discussed always confuses me a bit. I just find it so bizarre.

Also, typically when an obvious remark has a question mark after it, it is a "rhetorical question." That means it really is not meant to be answered, and the "asker" likely already knows the answer.


That Republicans need to double down 24/7 about "illegals", "Middle eastern types", a fake "tax cut for the middle class", and "shosholists" should tell us everything we need to know about the anemic Kavanaugh bump.

@3 " there's a wide gulf between "kinda sucks that they don't fight smarter" and "taken over by the Birchers sucks"."

Except that enabling systemic deregulation and other neoliberal policies leading to century high levels of inequality can hardly be called "not fighting smarter". As you know, 3rd way neoliberals still control the apparatus of Democrats and it has resulted into a massive loss of influence at all levels of legislature and judicial. I appreciate your ability to see that modern Republicans have the same nutcase Bircher ideology that was widely reviled just a few decades ago. It's fitting they should be doing the bidding of oligarchs like the Kochs.



But.....but.....but......WHAT ABOUT THE NAZIS!!!1111


Back to local transportation issues:
“The Urbanist continues the war on cars: Or, at least that is what some Slog commenters will say.”
I said it and will keep on doing so when appropriate. I also said that I would gladly welcome a reliable public system.


It's rather telling that much ink is spilled to talk about the caravan of mostly Honduran people, but none of it is spent talking about the dictatorship that our politicians keep enabling there. If these people had a future in Honduras, they probably would not risk life and limb to come here with their children but trust rightwingers like Teddy to keep making hay of Trump's racist propaganda.


17: Yes, the SPLC is behind it you odious dirthead.


@28: Haha, I did not even bring it up. I was just wondering why individuals and the media talking about it makes people like you so upset.


Following “our” president’s example, I hereby condemn the real instigators of bullying: wussy nerds who insist on putting their faces in front of fists. Their anti-punching rhetoric is tearing this country apart. #fucktrump #cheatedtowin


@30 if you had one once of judgment nobody would have to tell you that corporate media's free massive coverage of Trump's racist demagoguery played a huge part in getting him elected.



Lolz....this election was ready to be handed over to the dems on a silver platter....all you had to do was run a sane, centrist candidate....and someone that half the country didn’t hate and who has more baggage than Imelda Marcos’ shoe closet.

Stop blaming the Russians, the media, the nazis, and whoever else, and look over at the DNC.

And no, Bernie would have lost in a landslide, so don’t even go there.


@ KKKim,

No, the migrants have stated repeatedly that they’re going to ask for asylum, which is a totally LEGAL process. It’s also a proud tradition of the United States to take in desperate people on humanitarian grounds.

Until the anti-American, anti-Christian, racist Tdump regime seized control, the United States followed our own laws, as well as international law, regarding asylum claims.


People seeking a more favorable economy than the shithole they live in is not 'asylum'.
They are gaming the system and spoiling it for actual victims for whom asylum would be appropriate.
As with 'immigration'; these folks break the rules with an "i'll take what I want and screw the rules and everyone else' attitude that destroys the process for those trying to obey the law.

Set up a judge at the border;
hear their sham claims and dismiss them and send them back home.



It's called scientific polling for a reason, stupid troll: Sanders had a double digit lead over Trump for the last 6 mos of his presidential campaign


@ KKKim,

Uh huh. And how does this effect you, exactly? So that you can feel better about yourself by judging and condemning desperate people on the run for their lives and those of their children?

If Jesus Christ Himself turned up at the border, US “Christians” would lynch him.



Bullshit. Dems could have polled every citizen in America to determine which individual had the single most calculated "centrist" views of the entire populace and you shitheads would've still enacted your revenge for our having had the temerity to elect an educated and well spoken black man to the office. You're right though in that Bernie would've gotten steamrolled.



You seem very bitter.
Our President wants us to try to get along as a nation, I think we should heed his call.
(being called KKK by a Democrat always gives me a chuckle, however, in light of your party's record on matters of race...)

I do not apologize for advocating that we obey and enforce our laws.
It is not possible for every resident of a Third World nation to flee here seeking economic opportunity; rewarding the rule breakers is a cruel injustice to everyone else who suffers.
We can find a better solution.


I'm taking solace though in the possibility of nominating Cory Booker come 2020. Not only will he bring out the black vote in numbers, he's a freaking dreamboat. Here he is on onbeing.


@33: 2016 is THAT election. This election, the one that's happening in less than 2 weeks, is THIS election.


@36 "It's called scientific polling for a reason" I actually lol'd at this one. Please provide a link to the scientific poll of Hillary vs Trump prior to the election, I believe they had her at a double digit lead too.

@40 No one is going to vote for Spartacus.


39: I used to think it was silly hyperbole to call Trump supporters fascists, but it's pretty clear that in fact you call are.

And you can stop concern trolling. If you're slimy enough to implicate the SPLC in sending out fake bombs, nothing you say about unity is worth a turd from my ass.


39: I used to think it was silly hyperbole to call Trump supporters fascists, but it's pretty clear that in fact you all are, even if you're not smart enough to realize it.

And you can stop concern trolling. If you're slimy enough to implicate the SPLC in sending out fake bombs, nothing you say about unity is worth a turd from my ass.


33: I don't need a fascist shithead to offer strategic advice, thank you very much. The far right has no authority, moral, intellectual or otherwise, to tell anyone how they should conduct themselves.


I'll be over here contemplating "Although the exact cause of the blaze is under investigation, firefighters believe the blowtorch was to blame."


@42 You are in fact wrong (nothing very new so far). Hillary was slightly ahead of Trump in most polls. Many polls were also putting them neck to neck :



Ya dumbass, and how many polls predicted a Hillary win right up until election night? Like all of them. So keep on quoting up them polls...

Nobody wants that socialist huckster in charge accept the far left loons...

Take your weak shit and move on....


Blaming the victims of a BOMB SCARE. Real classy sunuvabitch we have in the Oval Office. Literally nothing is too low for him to stoop.

"when Clinton tweeted out that it's okay to harass the opposition party in restaurants our side isn't helping matters."

How the hell else is he supposed to be reached by his constituents or the press, if his office voicemail is always full, his staffers don't pick up the phones or read emails, he won't hold forums, and he simply pretends he doesn't hear questions he doesn't like? Confronting McConnell in public is literally all he's left them!

@38: Spot on.
@44: His/her total lack of history instruction (re: Dems and racism) also matches nicely with every MAGA stereotype.
@45: Don't be too worried about the things he says, he's previously admitted he's just here to troll.


41....fat finger typing...yes you are correct, but you got the point.



And I do it very very well.


@32: I mean, the media is a pretty big thing. You are welcome to be mad that not every media outlet does what you personally want, but we are well beyond the days where there are five newspapers to choose from.

I guess you just need to find a news source that keeps you in an even tighter bubble for your mental safety and protection. Good luck!

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