Former Governor Gary Locke Puts Dino Rossi on Blast for Proposing Cuts to 40,000 Kids on Medicaid



Dino's also gonna hand the Rich yet another Trillion Dollar tax cut, soon as that Republican majority gets installed by the Kochs, the Addledsonsabitches, the Mercers and, most of all, Rupert "Uncle Snoopy" Murdoch.

Yep, thee best candidates Big Money can buy -- Dino. and his Republican Profiteers.

Oh, and how 'Bout them Repubs, repealing the Affordable Care/Obamacare shit?
(just what America needs to be Great, again?)

Got any Pre-existing* Conditions, anyone?
Then you can kiss your current Lifestyle goodbye....

*for Republicans, being Female IS a pre-Existing Condition.
Say buh-bye to the Patriarchy, Stockholm Syndrome.
And Vote, like your Life depends on it.


@1 kristofarian: Thanks for the reminder. I just did, and boy am I glad to not have ever fallen for any of the RepubliKKKan bullshit fed to John Q. Public back in 2016. Here;s hoping that enough people who got duped then and since will finally admit to it, wake up and vote more wisely this election.


vote kim schrier!!!! send a competent person to Washington folks, not this assclown.



How the fuck does skimming 20-35% off the top* help our Health care?
And howtf does the total fucking REST OF THE INDUSTRIALIZED WORLD do it?

"Gosh, we cannot do that, here! We're the Richest Country on the Planet!"

*thnx, MegaInsuranceCorps!