If Arctic Monkeys Want Rock to Live Forever, Why Are They Trying So Hard to Kill It?



The Arctic Monkeys suck, but pop-rock is the only thing that's dying, and it has been since the Arctic Monkeys derivative debut. Rock has just been eclipsed by hip hop as the universal pop format. Nothing to see here. There are still plenty of great and quite popular rock bands, just no more "superstars."


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they're middle-aged pros in the middle of a(nother) world tour. some nights are going to be less inspired. it's not the death of rock and roll.


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As a die heart Arctic Monkey fan I TOTALLY agree with this post. I sincerely love their music but the show lacked personality it was a cookie cutter act, not a performance. In comparison with Alex Turners second band with Miles it’s clear that the Arctic Monkeys have lost the connection they once had. The Last Shadow Puppets has character and a personal touch, it’s a shame Alex can’t find that same enthusiasm with the monkeys.


@1 100% correct


I blame the venue and lack of enthusiasm from the crowd. I saw them again in Vancouver and it was a whole different show. WaMu needs to come up with better setups which doesn’t require a middle aged, stubborn usher constantly instructing people to clear the pathway. Maybe add some giant display screens, so there isn’t a bad spot in the house. Maybe it was because it was a Tuesday, maybe because it’s Seattle, but the crowd seemed like they were forced to be there, not that they wanted to be there.
I think I might just start going to Vancouver for the concerts. Definitely going to start skipping the ones at WaMu.


Arctic Monkeys is for the kids who never quite outgrew their mid-2000s emo phase.

Signed, someone who likes Arctic Monkeys and never completely outgrew my 2007 emo phase.


wouldn't you mail it in too if you were playing the wamu theatre? fuck that place.


Nevee ever heard of the arctic monkeys before this thread.


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