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King County Election surge: Can you feel it? I know I can. The turnout for registered voters is almost as high as it was during the 2016 presidential election! Already more than double the number of ballots from the 2014 midterm election have been received. Be part of the surge! All the information you need to do so can be found here, compiled by Lester Black.

Mass shooting at synagogue: "U.S. Attorney Scott Brady said federal prosecutors are seeking approval to pursue the death penalty against [Robert] Bowers," the apprehended suspect in the mass-shooting at the Pittsburgh synagogue—in case you somehow missed news of this atrocity:

Eleven people were murdered in a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday morning. When the mass-shooter surrendered to police, he told a SWAT officer that he “wanted all Jews to die,” because “[Jews] were committing genocide against his people.”

One of President Trump’s most inappropriate responses was that “if there was an armed guard inside the temple, they would have been able to stop him.” Regardless of the stupidity of the claim, considering four police were injured, and regardless of the fact that we (Jews) don't want armed guards in our temples, armed guards are still not a solution to rhetoric that emboldens white supremacy. Antisemitism has long had roots in American life, and Trump has helped bolster those roots throughout his presidency.

There will be a vigil tonight in Seattle at Temple De Hirsch Sinai on Capitol Hill.

Solar power, smart sensors, cutting-edge—oh my! A new system is being installed on the Burke-Gilman trail today. The new devices are solar powered "Smart Road Stickers," placed in areas where the trail crosses roads to warn cars, bikers and pedestrians that someone is approaching. The system apparently will rely on a smartphone application for people on the trail.

No plan still to investigate State Senator Joe Fain: A month ago, Sen. Joe Fain was accused of rape by a Seattle woman named Candace Faber. Former Stranger writer Heidi Groover, along with Joseph O’Sullivan report that "there is little indication state or local officials plan to investigate the allegation before Election Day—and no guarantee that a review will ultimately happen." Everyone is either silent, or refusing to comment. Who will break the silence? If not to investigate Fain, at least to discuss how officials would investigate claims like this in the future?

What's worse than running a marathon? Running a marathon in a flood.

Spokane kids are smart: Spokane public schools are evidently "unique," and the number of high school seniors there who "passed at least one AP exam is almost twice the national average." Seattle, let me ask you, are we going to let Spokane beat us in the erudition of our students?

The best part of the World Series: Brave activists unveiled a massive "TRANS PEOPLE DESERVE TO LIVE," during the final World Series game in which the Red Sox beat the Dodgers:

The group was escorted out of the park without incident or arrest. Salcedo said they went to the park specifically for the purpose of dropping the banner.

“I don’t even like baseball,” she said. “I think it’s boring.”

Washington State Rep. sued for censoring views on Facebook: Rep. Jim Walsh had a lawsuit filed against him by two constituents who say that he violated their First Amendment rights by blocking them from commenting on his Facebook page. Walsh's response? "This is a political stunt, this isn’t principle." Interesting take from the representative, sort of insinuating that constitutional rights are not principle. Those founding fathers sure were known for their belated participation in political stunts. Our own Rich Smith has covered a similar case involving Dino Rossi curating and deleting comments from his Facebook page.

In honor of Rich Smith and his candy corn hating ways: Spoiler alert, nutritionally speaking, candy corn ranked worst on this super official list of Halloween candies. Sort of like how Washington ranks worst in terms of regressive taxes, but this time sweeter and stickier!

For the feline inclined: Here is some Gouda to help ease you into the work week. If you don’t like cats… I can’t help you. This is some Gouda fan art submitted by Tacoma artist Gen Obata. Bonus points if you can guess the bridge she is nestled under!


Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A night of rabble-rousing anti-hits with Public Image Ltd., the beginning of a week of radicchio-focused food events, Sagra di Radicchio, and Sayu Bhojwani reading from The New Wave of Candidates at Democracy’s Door. See more on our Things To Do calendar.