Gouda fanart isn't loading fur me. :(


So no story in Kshama Sawant blocking people and deleting posts from her facebook page, eh?


And still looking forward to that Hard hitting investigative story on Kshamalamas SA “donations” and kickbacks....


Damn, the Gouda art is not loading.

Gouda is pronounced how-da in the Netherlands I recently learned, though how we pronounce this lovely cat's name is up to her or at least Mr. Bell.

Anyway, I was going to ask whether the trans inclusion banner was broadcast, but the CBS link says Fox Sports did not show it at all


Sending text alerts to drivers and cyclists as they approach each other sounds more like a distraction than a safety measure.


Gouda is fully loaded now!! Yay!! A very necessary distraction from reality...


I have marked my calendar and anxiously await the October 2038 Slog post in which Katie Herzog will tell us that the synagogue shooting was really about a drug deal gone bad.


Does Rep Walsh delete more comments and accounts than Slog?



One has to wonder what the everlasting fuck is wrong with prominent Jews like Sheldon Adelson, Steve Schwarzman, Steve Mnuchin, Gary Cohn, the Kushners, and countless others that are collaborating with the Tdumpnazis and white supremacists to plunder our country and oppress the rest of us.

They’re so consumed by greed and hate that propagandist attacks and the mass slaughter of other American Jews are now perfectly acceptable to them.



Are we sure that it wasn't just a bad date?


Candy isn't supposed to be nutritious


@3: that's your focus this morning? sawant deleting trolls from her FB page, and the stranger's complicity burying this outrageous suppression of free speech?

good to know you have your priorities straight.


@11: Hey now, let's cool it with the anti-semitic remarks.

@14: That's your focus this morning? Anonymous people whining about things on a blog, and that commenters' complicity in not caring about what you personally demand they care about?

Good to know you have your priorities straight.


@15: What is funny is that Trump's unwavering support of Israel and the Jewish Community is basically the only thing he has been consistent about since he began his term.



I have it on good Authority (but am [currently] disinclined to name names) that little Plucky Pucky is here on behalf of Big Phucking Pharma (BPP) to sell more and more Blood Pressure meds. S/he's never tried the Marijuhana and so still Believes in BPP. (And their fabulous checks!)


Wow, congratulations to Spokane!
Gaining a reputation for a strong public school system is a good way to attract talent.


Pretty sure that's the Aurora bridge.


This morning’s spittle and froth brought to you by Unhinged Original Andy



I’m just responding to the Strangers story on a politician deleting FB comments....or did you miss that maxy?


The Jewish community / HISA's been aiding Refugees for more than one hundred years, and Trumpfy's telling his whacked-out base that the Refugees are what's killing America, stealing her Jobs and taking all The Welfare. (See all them Brown People driving giant Pickups full of kids?)

THAT's whom Trumpfy's latest Protoge set out to eliminate.
That they happened to be Jewish wasn't Trumpfy fault.


@ Teddy
Your trolling has really gone downhill. Maybe it's time to hang up the jersey and retire to a nice place in Patriarshiye Ponds.


You are totally correct Max Solomon..I should have first commented in Gouda art. How the hell did my priorities get so fucked up!!


Do you specialize in own-goals?


@16: What did I demand NHL care about?
@23: I didn't miss your singular focus on the existential threat to America that is Kshama Sawant.


As an immigrant to the US, I was nowhere near as disappointed by the inedibleness of candy corn, as I was by Hostess Twinkies. I expected Twinkies to be only slightly inferior to a Cadbury's Mini Roll, but in fact they're slightly inferior to drywall with fiberglass insulation. Not that that makes candy corn any better.


@27: Are you trying to tell me that you don't know what the word "priorities" means?


Full disclosure I haven't and won’t be reading the article about the smartphone app that somehow warns people about pedestrians and bicyclists. But there is just no way this is a good idea. It’s either going to be a distraction, or will lead to complacency on drivers’ part. Drivers just need to be vigilant and safe. Shitty dangerous driving needs to be policed. Today I pulled up at the 40th and Latona 4 way stop, cake to a stop before turning right, and a truck behind me, without stopping, just pulled into the oncoming lane and blew right through the intersection, while I came to a stop. No app is gonna stop that bullshit.


Despite never passing up an opportunity to dog-whistle about the threat of globalists, steadfastly refusing to denounce any of the white nationalists who support him, or even that time he called the torch-weilding mob chanting “jews will not replace us” very fine people, just remember some of trump’s best friends are jews.


We can understand his deeply ingrained hate for Jews, yet this anti-immigrant rhetoric came from the very top.


Please be aware of the following:
1. When you repeatedly say something along the line of, “Some of my best friends are Jews” you are likely outing your real self.
2. Stop waving your support for Israel as a proof for neither being a Jew-lover nor flashing your non-racist credentials. The Israel you support continues shifting towards becoming a religious-intolerant and often-undemocratic entity.
This on going move towards militant nationalism could not have been sustained without the generous US aid and political support.


I really wouldn't have been surprised if the shooting wasn't done by followers of the Nation of Islam: Minister Farrakhan has had such lovely things to say about the Jewish community.


@ 35
Apparently just an ordinary Jew-hating white Christian dude.


yeah we really dodged a bullet that time we didn't elect farrakhan president or vote for him in any election ever


@5 Yeah ... the KIRO article says "STAR Lab researchers from UW are going to put up the small solar-powered sensors, called “Smart Road Stickers,” to send safety warnings to both pedestrians and drivers via their cellphones, alerting them to one another.

The stickers will only detect cellphones that have the star labs detection app installed, but they also can communicate with vehicles. The app will send safety notifications on users’ phones and drivers will receive the alerts through their vehicles."

So, more people staring at their phones? Brilliant.


So Gouda is the Fremont Troll's opposite number.

Burke-Gilman: first, if they're putting in sensors couldn't they spring for detecting the actual bike instead of a smartphone? More importantly, the output side, I'm sure some of those blinking crosswalk lights would be more expensive but wouldn't they be a metric fuckton more useful?

I'm down with exploratory research man but where do you even go with this.


@35: I really wouldn't have been surprised if the shooting wasn't done by followers of the Illuminati
I really wouldn't have been surprised if the shooting wasn't done by followers of Savonarola
I really wouldn't have been surprised if the shooting wasn't done by followers of The Lizard People
I really wouldn't have been surprised if the shooting wasn't done by followers of Sauron



Wow. Maybe get out more?


@41 you must have missed the part where the guy shot 4 cops like it didn't matter in the slightest that he was surrounded by a swarm of good guys with guns


@43 Seriously. In most of these mass shootings, a number of armed "good guys" end up getting injured or killed.


No one can force anyone to use words they don’t want to (it’s just called being polite where i’m from and while it makes for a better society it’s not mandatory)

No one gets to decide what health care gets covered and what doesn’t but sex reassignment sugery and hormones are way cheaper than a lifetime of SSRIs and talk therapy

Sports teams lol who cares

Bathrooms lol grow up, if you’re thinking about what someone’s genitals look like while they’re shitting in a stall next to you behind a closed door there is something wrong with you


@43 - Not only that, but they were 4 cops who knew they were encountering a gunman and were therefore presumably using appropriate tactics in their approach. They weren't some stationary security guard standing around bored and highly visible to any approaching gunman, who would almost certainly take out such a person first.


@11: I have been absolutely flummoxed by the same thing, Andrew. It's sad what money and greed do to people. Their Jewish ancestors from the Holocaust must be rolling in their graves.
@14: Ogie has a mush brain, Max. Senseless drooling is his main priority, most likely from eating too much RepubliKKKan Kandy Korn.
@16 Jesus, Teddy--get off the sugar already!
@42 spunkbutter: He might be able to if only he could pull his head out.
@43 blip & @44 hbb: I know, right?


@28: Hostess treats in general used to be much better, unless my nostalgia has blinded me. They declared bankruptcy a few years ago, and ever since they restructured, their treats have been garbage. "Drywall and fiberglass insulation" was not far off from my impressions, the last time I had one of their Fruit Pockets.

The fact that Fox wouldn't show footage of the banner is unsurprising, given the fact that, well, it's Fox.


@28 originalcinner and @48 Knat: I rank Hostess Twinkies, Candy Corn, and Tang instant orange drink among toxic waste. I cringe at the idea of consuming any of the above now.


Spoiler alert, Michael: Of course Candy Corn ranks worst among Halloween treats--it's nothing but high fructose corn syrup, sugar, artificial flavors and colors.


The murder wasn't "anti-Jewish," it was also "anti-immigrants" and the rhetoric keeps coming from the very top.


@51: He attacked a synagogue during worship services screaming "I just want to kill Jews" and the murder isn't anti-Jewish? Are you out of your gourd?

And @15 and others: Trump's support for an authoritarian regime in Israel doesn't make him pro-Jewish, and his dog-whistles about vast Soros-funded conspiracies are straight out of the anti-Semitic playbook (Protocols of Zion redux). But this is the Seattle-left, where we like to remain blissfully ignorant of these things.

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