Dear Oregonian: Joey Gibson Doesn't Need Our Understanding



Honestly surprised Herzog didn't beat the Oregonian to this punch.


You know in the UK it's the Labour Party that holds claim to antisemitism.


@2: Thank you for that information. I'll be sure not to vote for Great Britain's Labor Party in the up coming United States' mid term elections.


And let's not forget Minister Louis Farrakhan: he seems to be an American darling of the left when needed.

Just to let you know hatred of Jews isn't just a right wing problem.


imagine feeling the need to dredge farrakhan from the deepest most irrelevant bowels of american politics because that seems like the only effective way to minimize the unapologetic bigotry of the president 63 million americans voted for and you continue to support


@4: Thank you for that information. Since he holds no political office I'll be sure not to write in Louis Farrakhan when voting in the mid terms.

PS: When reaching to such an extent, please remember to stretch first lest you do yourself an injury.


Theez trols r dumm


Louis Farrakhan is the darling of the left lmao


What the hell is going on with the Oregonian? They endorsed the GOP candidate for governor who's got much less experience, has a poor reproductive rights voting record, and a poor environmental record too, over the uniformly excellent Kate Brown who's effective and progressive. And now this.

Oh and Farrakhan could not be any more irrelevant than he already is. Go pound sand.


@4 Why would you pull this particular turd out of your ass today? "Just to let you know hatred of Jews isn't just a right wing problem." Yeah, it is today. It has been for a long time and hatred in general has been a big problem for the rest of us because the far right needs to spread fear and hatred to get you idiots riled up enough to keep them in power against your own economic interests. A few dozen innocents shot up here and there is just the cost of those tax cuts for the wealthy.


"You just don't get him like I do," says Elizabeth Hovde. She sounds exactly like an abused woman, isolated and brainwashed by lies and broken promises that he'll mend, only to forever be threatened and assaulted by a violent, ill-tempered husband or boyfriend. Her life is miserable; she walks on eggs. Any children and / or pets they might have cringe with fear while she continually defends the shameless abuser's actions.

I survived the nightmare of an equally toxic relationship the day I finally woke up, wised up, and got away from a mentally unhinged sociopath. Do the same, Elizabeth, and anyone else cheering on the likes of Joey Gibson and Donald Trump before it's too late.


@4 How does one even counter a Farrakhan reference in 2018? Maybe by saying "don't have a cow, man" and something about Lon Mabon?


@1 The issue with Labour is that there are several definitions of the term "Antisemitism", and a faction has tried to force the most restrictive one upon the party, one that makes it very hard to criticize the actions of the government of Israel, the actions of Israeli political figures, or domestic non-Jewish politicians who strongly support Israel. That definition essentially makes it an act of Antisemitism for anyone who is not Jewish to agree with political criticisms of the Israeli government that are voiced by the Jewish Left in Israel.

@4 Only a right-wing nut-job would consider Louis Farrakhan to be a darling of the left. He's neither a Socialist, or pro-LGBT rights, so why would we support him? Then again, I'd much rather be stuck on a plane for a few hours with Farrakhan than Trump. The conversation would be more interesting and more intelligent.


This article reads like the reporter had never heard of Elizabeth Hovde before. She has been a toxic right-wing piece of shit for years, and her support for Gibson was entirely in keeping with her past work.


look at @2 and @4, derailing the topic of PNW fascism by whatabouting british labour and farrakhan. and he didn't come back to argue either, just dropped 2 turds and split. that's how you do it, kids.


@18, Translated: "It's not the shooters fault, it's the damned victims standing in the way of the bullets."


@20 facts don’t care about your et cetera


i saw the article and was pretty surprised that it was actually printed - not at all in line with the general tone of that paper.

pretty obnoxious, but i wasn't sure if i was allowed to criticize it since a woman wrote it.


your rebuttal just proves that folks can say anything they want on the internet about this guy, and the myth becomes understood as true. How about going to a PP rally and speaking with Mr. Gibson yourself, get some first hand experience. The LGBTQIA+ neighbors and those from other minority communities don't fear for their safety when these events, probably cuz they don't read stuff like this, and just watch livestreams and decide for themselves. If anything today a call for discussion and debate should perhaps be heralded?


Are Katie Herzog and Elizabeth Hovde related? They seem to be sharing the same brain.


Speaking of being related, here's a comment
on the same article, from the Portland Mercury:

"The Snoregonian has always been run by corporate whores, ever since I grew up in Portland decades ago. Nothing has changed. Every time you try to call a Nazi a Nazi on their comment board, it gets censored. And their comment board is a haven for repressed right-wing haters and racists. And of course, the Boregonian mounts constant attacks on public employees, Kate Brown and the state pension system. Even though most PERS recipients get perfectly reasonable pensions, the Whoregonian constantly focuses on the few whose pensions are outrageous. And every time there's a forest fire, this lousy excuse for a newspaper uses it as an excuse to argue for more clearcutting, monoculture tree farming and environmental rape. Further, the Boregonian fills its site with incredibly stupid listicles (25 top spots to pick your nose in Portland) instead of doing real journalism. It has always been a pathetic rag, and is now much much worse than ever. It deserves to die. Too bad the Portland Tribune is a pathetic alternative and that the Mercury and Willamette Week are too filled with cultural crap to put enough effort into real reporting instead of carping from the sidelines with amateurish attempts at journalism." --HailUtahistan

Well, at least we have the Seattle times.


2 And we know that the allegations that Labour is anti-Semitic are lies. Labour's leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has opposed antisemitism and voted for parliamentary motions condemning it throughout his entire career. He has marched against antisemitism as he has marched against all other forms of prejudice(antisemitism is among the LEAST prevalent forms of prejudice in the UK, and in reality is practiced overwhelmingly by the Right). The main reason Corbyn has been smeared as an anti-Semite is that he has refused to commit the party to guidelines on anti-Semitism that can be used to essentially bar ANY dissent from Israeli government persecution of Palestinians, and which unjustly equate non-Zionism with antisemitism(in truth, opposition to Zionism is unrelated to antisemitism, a form of bigotry Zionism, in practice, is totally uninterested in fighting).