How to Counteract the Outside Money Flooding Washington State Races



So, to combat outside funding, you are asking folks in the 7th to send money to 3rd and the 5th? I'm not following the logic.


Rich is right.
Outside money is bad for the democracy.
Jon Ossaf spent $24 million trying to buy a seat in Congress in Georgia 6th.
86% came from out of state.
(That was SIX times as much as his opponent,
who raised most of her money in Georgia, btw.)
Ossaf lost.
$24 million doesn't go as far as it used to...

Stacey Abrams, the Democrat candidate for Georgia Gov, raises 80% of her money from out-of-state.
Her opponent gets 80% from within Georgia.
Stay tuned.


Democrats benefit more from outside donations than Republicans...


Cmon guys, you should have this figured out already when it comes to the Stranger:

Outside money is evulll and bad if its for a cause or persons you don't like.
Outside money is awesome and good if its for a cause or person you like.

it really is that simple.


"You can do double-duty on Halloween"

Canvassing on Halloween is an incredibly stupid campaign tactic.

No one wins an election by literally getting between children and candy.