Hillary Clinton Tells a Joke, No One Gets It



How about the idea that white people should stay the fuck away from jokes that involve how black people look or act? I was a Clinton supporter in 2008 and 2016 and now I just want her to go away. Chris Evans for President in 2020!


Ugh. It was a joke, but she should know better. "Wrong black guy, Kara," is a far better response.


Nobody gets Hillary's jokes because she has the personality of a cheese grater.


@4: She is also extremely unauthentic and it is easy to tell. Remember when she desperately pulled hot sauce out of her purse to impress black people?


The Clintons have supported enough institutional racism and said enough tone deaf shit that holding on to a lame joke is expected to meet with some outcry from folks that are sick of being told you are required to vote for someone who supports the industrial prison pipeline, bombing brown people and a whole slew of neo-colonialist policies because she's called Sister Hillary in Africa. Lol, riight.

Reactionary conclusion is all wrong but the source of their anger might be worth addressing. I suggest we start by drumming her and Bubba out of the Democratic party because they're terrible people and they don't even understand why people hate them.


What's more offensive is the heavy country drawl and twang she adopts when speaking in front of certain folks...


You're not giving these people enough credit. It doesn't matter whether she was joking or whether they know it was a joke (it's obviously a joke, even in the transcript; whether it was appropriate is another matter).

They know it's a joke but making themselves out to be idiots who don't get jokes is a small price to pay when the opportunity to call people racist and hypocritical presents itself. This is the lifeblood of political Twitter.


It's news that right-wing media tell lies about Hillary Clinton? Don't have a cow, man! Are you voting for Perot, too?

"...contrary to the will of the people in general and this people in particular, still like to be president."

Contrary to the will of this sentence, Mrs. Clinton won a majority of the popular vote.


Hi Katie,
I agree with you. After seeing the video, the joke is indeed, on Kate Swisher. But it is subtle and yes, many people may not get it especially if one reads only the text. Text has no tone. Alas, the damage is done. She has no chance whatsoever to be president. With this technology largely Twitter, her opponents will milk this incident incessantly.

After what happened to Megyn Kelly, it's fairly obvious politicians, celebrities etc. MUST exercise extreme caution when speaking on TV, radio etc.


Oops! meant to write Kara not Kate Swisher.


LOL @ all this white chick libsplainig going on here.


To conclude this is a joke, we must assume she has a sense of humor. We have no evidence of that. Therefore we must assume she is serious.


If “because the right will twist her words into something they’re not” means Hillary can’t run, then no one can. Decent people everywhere are going to have to learn to shut out the noise. Which isn’t easy when the noise is annoying, childish, and bristling with an undertone of violence, but then, life is often unfair, this being one of those times.


Love all this equivocation and contorted grasps at saving Mrs. Bill Clinton’s blemished reputation. She isn’t worth it.


We got it was a joke; we just didn't think it was funny.

Common problem with you Nazis, though, Katie.


Lol....now Katie is a nazi?


I’m in favor of a new generation of national Democratic politicians, but the contortions people perform to make Hillary Clinton the bad guy are unbelievable. Even after decades of smears, lies, and distortions about her, I’m still taken aback. Misogyny runs deep.


Oh my god, we should impeach her!!!


As long as people are desperate, they will respond to shouting lunatics. The only solution is to have people be less desperate. Then, no one cares about or believes the shouting lunatics. Clinton and the pro-billionaire wing of the Democratic Party (i.e. most of the party) are doing nothing to make people less desperate, and lots of things to make them more. This country is not only hurtling over the cliff of far right lunacy, there is almost nothing effectively countering it, because all solutions have to serve billionaires first and foremost (see bank bailout, see: Obamacare, see: 1631, etc. etc. ). And the billionaires are the problem. They took all the money. Now everyone is desperate. We are in for a rough ride and there's no end in sight.


Listening to the vitruol being spewed towards Hillary Clinton by the same crowd who spends their days on Slog screaming NAZI!! RACIST!!!! NAZI!! SEXIST!!! all day it's pretty clear that there is no center left in American politics. It's just down to Communists and Nazis. Heads up, that doesn't end well


The nazis!!! They are everywhere! All those people who disagree with me are nazis!!!! Even the ones under my bed!!


@25 Actually, it is Nazis and Social Democrats. A really big difference. I mean, like, a REALLY big difference, but this country is so far to the right at this point in time that anyone who believes in the value of the Commons is considered to the left of Stalin.

Also, I was listening to some Franklin D. Roosevelt speeches last night, you should take a listen, he's going to sound like a Communist to you. Might make you re-think some things. Doubt it. Good luck!


@26 Comrade Stalin agrees with you!


@28, no my dear friend

Education yourself


And that's just one case of it



The only hoax around here is you thinking your brain is normal.

Pro-tip: it’s not.


@28 your argument is as bad as the hard left trying to pretend the Soviet gulags weren't all that bad.




Yes ! Yes! Everyone supports hitler!!!! When is his next concert!!

Hitler under your bed too?


@34 wtf? This is why I don't respond to trolls. But I was listening to FDR speeches last night. Great stuff. He's to the left of Bernie. Have a day.


My fucking god you guys there are some legit ass arguments we need to have out in the streets but this is not one of them


This is the best written news article I have seen for a while.


@39 i don’t think post this qualifies as news but in any case that’s really unfortunate for you


Hillary is making Katie's job way too easy today.


This has happened before. When Al Gore lost, he suddenly became loose. He wasn't worried about cracking a bad or off color joke; he wasn't worried about saying the wrong thing. He knew that one of the many reasons that he lost (and he just barely lost) was because he wasn't loose. He wasn't personable. So he corrects the problem, but then gets destroyed in the next primary, because people don't want to nominate him. Not at all.

Hillary Clinton is probably not running. If she is, then she is delusional. She can't possibly win the Democratic nomination, let alone the presidency. The best thing she can do is make learned comments, some of which, hopefully, are amusing. She should spend more time on The Daily Show (where that joke would have been met with sincere laughter by the host) while everyone understands that she was simply close to the presidency, and will never have it.


Front-paging Hillary in the Corps-owned media can't bode well for Dems.
(God I hope they don't re-fucking-Appoint her again next time.)
Take a page from gee dubya, lay low and wait'll the midterm
Congressionals are over, ma'am. We'll be Grateful.


not that grateful.


Time to re-watch Hillary Stories from Bad Lip Reading:



Donald Jackass Trump, toxic waste of Fred and MaryAnne McCloud Trump, is the bad joke at the expense of 99% of us.


@46: FTW!!




It's truly tragic how Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) spreads into, and infects, every segment of its host's brain, until it has completely taken it over, consuming it, until every waking thought, conscious and subconscious, and every fever dream, is centered and focused on Donald J Trump and only Donald J Trump to the exclusion of all else. Such a sad and strange kind of madness.

Case in point: See @46