What could a tampon cost? $10?
What could a tampon cost? $10? emapoket/Getty Images

Pullman police officer charged with assaulting drunk WSU freshman: The Washington State University student was drunk. She got a ride home to her dorm from a police officer. Arguably, the responsible thing to do. The officer then allegedly blackmailed her, saying she didn’t follow his instructions. He took her to a park where a sex act occurred. She has only a vague memory of the incident. He has been charged with felony count of first-degree custodial sexual misconduct.

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Don’t worry, Bob’s on the case: Earlier today, Donald Trump said he would be ending birthright citizenship. If that happens, Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he’ll sue the Trump administration. We believe him because he has done it 17 times! Trump claimed he could make the change—something written in the Constitution—with an executive order.

Seattle City Council doesn’t want our wallets to bleed: Several members want to exempt tampons from the city’s sales tax. Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda led the charge, saying that it’s unfair to tax women for a necessity while they earn 78 cents to their male counterparts in Seattle. Snaps to that.

Big Daddy Bezos is bleedin’ billions: Jeff Bezos broke a new wealth record this week… he lost $19.2 billion in two days. He’s still the richest person in the world, don’t worry. But, the stock market was in a state the last two trading days. Also, the global selloff from growing trade tensions made for a short period of big loss.

Lime is moving into the car-sharing market: Forget bikes and scooters, Lime wants a cut of that single-occupancy automobile pie. The tech company filed for a car sharing permit with the Seattle Department of Transportation a couple of weeks ago, according to GeekWire. We don’t want more cars, Lime! Give us those sweet, sweet scooters.

This Jacob Wohl story is… a doozy: Okay. The skinny. Someone paid a woman to come forward with sexual assault allegations against Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Donald Trump. He called on the FBI to investigate. Everything circled back to Jacob Wohl, a former hedge fund manager and current Trumpster, and this company—Surefire Intelligence. Wohl denied all connection to bribing women and Surefire Intelligence. The email listed on Surefire Intelligence’s domain belongs to Wohl. The number associated to the account belongs to his mother. The whole thing, it appears, was meant to be an elaborate scheme by Wohl “to expose the media.” You gotta read this article to really get the nuance and the uh, well, idiocy. Here’s a thread of all the fake profiles Wohl made for his fake intelligence company:

There’s so much more. But we have more to discuss this evening.

Trump went to Pittsburgh to mourn: The funerals for Saturday’s synagogue shooting victims started today. Trump arrived and thousands protested. “Words matter,” the protesters said. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were there, too. They are both practicing Orthodox Jews.

Welcome to the dystopia: Climate change is wild.

Sagittarius holds the shattered corpses of 4.14 million suns: Makes sense. My ex-boyfriend was a Sagittarius. But for real, scientists are fairly certain that a mysterious dark spot in the Sagittarius constellation—a question that has plagued them for 20 years—is a supermassive black hole. No, not the Muse song from the Twilight baseball scene. This black hole is bottomless. It may help answer some long-held questions about the galaxy and the universe.

North Dakota border banning Canadians who have smoked weed: The mayor of Estevan, Saskatchewan said his residents are being turned away at the border after admitting to ever smoking weed. Apparently, Canadians attempting to cross the border have undergone strict questioning ever since Canada legalized weed two weeks ago.