Slog PM: Big Daddy Bezos Is Bleedin' Billions, Seattle City Council Doesn't Want You to Pay to Bleed



Many Feminist web sites say women spend between $50 to $60 on tampons or pads a year.
With our high Sales Tax that works out to be $5 or $6 dollars a year. A real windfall for women, a real feel good, but a deficit (tax loss) of about $10 million dollars a year. With record Tax money flowing into the State coffers one has to wonder why, in the time of $20 million dollar re-escalators, they can't find the money to exempt these items.


Don't get me started on Toilet Paper.


Birthright citizenship served its purpose back in the day but in 2018 is ridiculous. Not that the mushroom-dicked carrot in chief should be able to abolish it by executive order ....


Tampons should be subsidized. It's a conservative thing to do as free enterprise needs more disposable income from consumers, not less.


Huh, it seems that you can't just sling a few easy sexual assault allegations and take any man down? I was assured I was at grave risk.


I actually like the idea of corrupt billionaires and mushroom dicked rapists-in-chief bleeding. Women and girls have bled far too long enough.


Toilet paper should be Tax Free, like food, everyone uses it except the 1%.


Ain't if Funny, Pittsburg didn't want President InstiGator at their Services for their murdered bretheren.

Does he not see the straight fucking line from his mouth to that funeral? Outright calls for violence, offering to pay peoples' attorney fees for hurting other people. praising a fellow fascist for body-slamming a journalist, and on and on and what, did he fucking think calls for violence just couldn't possibly result in a little of the ol' Ultra-Violence?

You fucking got exactly what you fucking Asked For, the Donald.
How many more Funerals, Donald?

(tell me, again, how the Fuck did he get there?)


Remember when conservatives kept screeching how Obama was going to start issuing executive orders "any day now" to strip away the Constitution? Remember how he mused that we should "take the guns first, go through due process second"? Can you remember how ridiculous, hypocritical and feckless the Democrats looked as he did this, and they stood idly by?



I think they still are. Fucking Meghan McCain went on one of those rants today.


Uh oh. Upon further googling, I find that I may have had that wrong...


@11: I read @9 as tongue-in-cheek.


@12: Look at you, picking RIGHT up on implied tone. Good job!


So... if I'm understanding the Mueller story correctly, the story is that there never was a story? Mueller didn't sexually assault anyone, a woman didn't accuse him of anything, and the guy who offered the bribe didn't actually want to smear Mueller?

This is the dumbest thing ever.


Birthright citizenship for children of non-US citizens is not actually in the constitution explicitly, and the intent of the original amendment was a simple way to make former slaves full fledged US citizens, in response to the Dred Scott case.

The legal question comes from the phrase "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof," and the issue of if an illegal alien on US soil is indeed subject to this jurisdiction. No one would argue that a foreign diplomat giving birth in the US makes their child a US citizen by default, or that an invading foreign army is "subject to the jurisdiction" of the US, for example, simply because they stand on US soil.

At times the Supreme Court has rejected the idea of birthright citizenship, mostly in regards to American Indians born within their tribes, such as in Elk v. Wilkins.

For what it is worth, the author of the amendment, Jacob M Howard, did not feel it applied to foreign citizens on US soil:

"This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons."

The clause has been interpreted differently, and it is always up to the representatives elected by the people to govern as they interpret it, but to simply state the constitution explicitly guarantees it is a bit of a stretch.

Of course, you can't change the constitution itself with an executive order, but you may be able to force your interpretation through executive fiat.


Thousands of protestors turned out to rebel against Prezinazi AntiChrist’s invasion of Pittsburgh. Oh dear, however will dumFux Nooz State Media erase them all? Maybe they’re all chanting Boo-urns.


Yeah, it always ends well when racist, hate-KKKrazed fascists like the Rapeublinazis get to determine who has citizenship rights. The mass grave industry will be boomin’.



Early morning froth and spittle with that coffee?


Maybe we should end birthright citizenship. Then we can kick out all the Trump supporters back to Russia or Nazi Germany or whereever the fuck they come from.

After all, they're only american citizens because their whore mothers squeezed them out here, and their mother's mothers, and so on.


While we're at it, let's send Melania back where she came from, too.


That's so sad about Bazoos. Do we need to take up a collection or smth? Buy him a tent, maybe?



But she's here as a genius. How can we survive the brain drain?


Check out the big brain on Teddy. I bet he can tell us whether or not you can get a quarter pounder at McDonald's in France.



The nazis! The Russians!! They are everywhere! Quick! Get under the covers!!!



Whores!!!! They are everywhere! Plopping out nazi and Russian babies!!! Oh noze!!!! Lock the doors!!


@25 how many times do you have to make this same stupid comment before you realize you’re being trolled


Shorter #23: "Knowing things is bad."





@ 26, I suspect that “bring Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma to Seattle” is a bot. It doesn’t really do anything but restate whatever one of us wrote, and I’m sure there’s an app for that.


@28 my condolences



Actually I am a Russian bot.

My official designation is Russian Bot #38


@ 31,

Do U want 2 play a game?


Why should something be tax free just because everyone uses it? By that logic shouldn't not just toilet paper but also toilets be tax free? What about clothing? Spoons? Light bulbs?


@33 only speaking for myself here but i don't use tampons and roughly half the people i know don't either so this 'logic' you speak of seems a bit presumptuous


MacDoo? Why?

Sausage. Gj Sausage.

Andy, there are no Russian bots on Slog.

Slog promotes the degradation of western values.

Russia agree.


@33 actually just realized you were probably responding to the idiotic toilet paper comment @7 and not the original article about tampons (that logic is still trash tho, obv)


Most other countries with birthright citizenship only offer it when one parent is a citizen or permanent resident. This doesn’t seem that radical. I’m sure plenty of Americans would love to slip over the border and have their kids in Canada, but alas, birthright citizenship would not apply.


@37: It is one of those weird things that people in America assume is just standard in other places, when in reality it is not.

Other such things include open borders, freedom of expression, smiling at strangers, massive amounts of food choices, national pride, and gaps between restroom stall doors.


A picture of a dangling tampon for your top stories then use theatrics of Bezos “Bleeding billions?” If you understood investment portfolios you wouldn’t write anything so dumb.

Besides no one holds an unused tampon by the string. It’s in an individually wrapped aseptic package. This was such horse shit.

I have women patients who have horrible menorrhagic dysmenorrhea (Just Google it!) who are so ill they’re bedridden for days. They go through 2 to 3 large thick pads AN HOUR. A tiny tampon does nothing to absorb this much menstrual fluid.

I have women who are so anemic that they’re given blood transfusions for all the blood they lose.

You men would seek hospitalization in an intensive care unit if you had ANYTHING that approached this.

I’m unsubscribing. These comment sections are just whacked anymore. It reminds me of

I know “Big Deal--no one will miss you.”



@39 i gather you missed the article about the tampon tax exemption but you're not wrong about the comments, probably (never been to myself)



And today’s key word is: over-reaction.


@39: The comments section has always been nasty on Slog, you merely haven't been a member long enough to know that. Aloha, Nurse Ratched.


Knatty -- "Nurse Ratched"?

Did you see Dr N. lobotimize any of the truly
Needy here on Slog? Or make them listen to
shitty music at tip-top Volume?

She happens to be on the side of Reason.
And now, she's gone.


@43: She was mostly here to humble-brag about living in Hawaii and how she's a nurse so of COURSE she knows best about literally everything, often citing personal anecdotes as justification. She would get real indignant when anyone challenged her on anything too.

Considering how you type and your pathological inability to type someone's name properly, I'm not willing to rule out the lobotomy thing.

@15: Are you willing to extend that "original intent" and "explicit guarantees" argument to, say, the 2nd Amendment? That argument doesn't seem to apply #2, for reasons no Republican is willing to explain.


She’s quite traumatized, from brains on the ceiling of the house to her line of work.

The sudden, illogical outburst over the failings of a young girl’s knowledge of the stock market did bring back a memory though.

There was one bathroom in my dad’s apartment and five year old me had to piss in the AM. One door to the bathroom was locked, so I opened my dad’s bedroom door to get to it that way.

There was a blonde woman in his bed. Her name was Angela. Probably the hottest piece of ass he’d had his entire life. She wakes up and starts screaming “No, no, no, no , NO, NO, NO, NO” at me. I stop and start to cry. He’s like wtf why didn’t you go in the other way, I explained, and he said go.

She got up, went to MacDoo, and brought us breakfast as an apology. I still remember her looking down at me and I’m just like wtf lady I’m five. Never saw her again.

He never said anything to me about that.

Hey guys, I’m pretty sure the girl at the Thai restaurant is Pocahontas. Do you think I should be her executioner for Halloween?


Gosh. You know, I had no idea Doc was that way, because I surely never saw/read ANYthing like that from her. Whoa.... Would you be so kind as to point a few of the more Glaring Examples, for me? I'd much appreciate it. Thanks, Gnatty!


Dear Space Station:
re: "Do you think I should be her executioner for Halloween?"

No, I do not think you should be her nor Anyone's Special Haloween Executioner. But thank you for having the Decency to Ask! Not many would, I'm guessing...

Have a fun [Execution-FREE] Happy Halloween!



"She [used-to-be-fellow-commentor Doc Helen N.] was mostly here to humble-brag about living in Hawaii and how she's a nurse so of COURSE she knows best about literally everything, often citing personal anecdotes as justification. She would get real indignant when anyone challenged her on anything too."

I figured I'd give you the Benefit of the Doubt, then I figured, well, why? and so I looked up her comments -- hell, anyone could -- and saw, to my utter Un-astonishment, her thoughful comments were in no way entitled/egocentric/whiny. More like seriously beneficial to this Community.

So now I'm curious as to how it was you
came to that seemingly-ridiculous conclusion.
Knat. Thanks!