We Need to Fully Fund Washington Schools. These Lawmakers Say They'll Tax the Rich to Do It.



“Longtime rep. for the 46th LD, Javier Valdez...”


Dude’s been there like three years, after being appointed to fill the seat vacated by Jessyn Farrel when she ran for Mayor


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We either need to increase revenue or decrease spending. Seeing as how we're running out of discretionary funding to cut, the only thing left are benefits that most people favor, such as education, security, entitlements, etc. Politicians would love to cut entitlements but then there's the pitchforks. On the revenue side, we have the options to tax progressively, flat, or repressively. Politicians hate progressive taxation because it doesn't benefit their rich donors. That's why we go around in this stupid circle and usually wind up landing on a flat or regressive tax. I'm not saying it's right - wealthy people get far greater societal benefits for the taxes they pay - but that's why I'm not getting my hopes up for progressive taxation with our current system.


Cripes, Slog may as well have adopted the longer, more accurate name All Hate Bezos All The Time, yet still this place isn’t screaming for a huge tax on capital gains?!? If you want to tax people so rich they don’t even have to work, that’s the way to do it. It starts out progressive and can be made more so.

Plus, of course tech billionaires should pay for public education. Where else will they get their profitable future workers?


Shannon Braddock didn't fill it out because she doesn't actually support public education. Stand for Children, one of the largest pro-charter school groups in the state, has spent $56,023.98 trying to get her elected https://tinyurl.com/y9b2vyt8

She's also taken money from an out of state for-profit education corporation called K12 Management Inc that has a graduation rate that's half the national public school average https://tinyurl.com/ybj7g2y3

She has also received a contribution from Democrats for Education Reform, a pro-charter school group that has been repeatedly asked by multiple states to change their name due to their anti-public education stance https://tinyurl.com/ydy6rssk

Joe Nguyen on the other hand has the sole endorsement of the Washington Education Association, and is the only candidate for the State Senate seat in the 34th who hasn't taken corporate PAC or charter school money. Vote for Nguyen!


This was great news for charter schools, but bad news for our public schools, which are still woefully wasteful.

Fixed that for you.


New Taxes! Hooray!


One other thing to consider about charter schools. Currently ,they get their funding from the lottery pot. That pot of money goes for early childhood ed, college scholarships and Running Start (so high school kids can access community college classes). But the charter schools have already started whining how they will need more money (presumably because there will be more of them) AND that since the mean Supreme Court said they are NOT "common schools" under our state constitution (and so can't get General Fund dollars), that the other programs using lottery money should go find their dollars in the General Fund.

The minute this all goes into play, some program will lose. Is the state going to cut back on health and human services for charter schools?


8 - EVERYBODY wants you to shut up.


@1 - More like less than a year and a half.