Voting is way easier than how this guy makes it look.
Voting is way easier than how this guy makes it look. HILL STREET STUDIOS/GETTY

Washington state is one of the easiest places to vote in the country, but even in this vote-by-mail paradise we still have deadlines and if you haven't voted yet you are getting dangerously close to it being too late.

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Your ballot must be either post marked by Nov. 6 or dropped off at one of the many ballot drop boxes around the county by 8 p.m. next Tuesday.

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If you already voted, you can see if your ballot has been received and counted by using this handy digital system run by the state.

If you still haven't received a ballot in the mail then that means there was an error and you should not wait any longer. But fear not, you can just print off your ballot and then either mail that ballot or drop it off for free at one of those ballot boxes.

Voting is easy. Now go do it.

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