The Nutcracker and the Four Realms: Disney's Latest Nightmare



Elinor... All of the original Disney stuff was scary.
It was part of his formula... Snow White, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella.
They all hinge on danger, they all involve death (usually of a child's mother) and danger.
Walt built an empire on scaring the shit outa kids...


Listen I don't want to be getting out of bounds here but if Winnie the Poo's ride is an issue you have kids on the easy to scare end of the spectrum. No value judgment intended - everybody has their levels, and the kids who seem to have no emotional reaction to anything potentially alarming freak me out way more than extra-sensitive kids. But Disneyland is unequivocally delight ful to most little children. And even a solid place to coach them up a little on what's real and what's make believe and how we might value those things differently.


All fairy tales are scary. It’s the genre. Of all the modern children’s writers, Roald Dahl got kids best. They are horrific little monsters who live in a world that is both fantastic and terrifying.

So question: how much of Tchaikovsky survives in the movie? The Nutcracker ballet is kind of the ultimate haut-bourgeois experience, but Tchaikovsky’s music is kind of a gateway drug to much more interesting things, so having Disney steer kids towards it is definitely something I’d approve.


No one tell Elinor about Don Bluth's entire body of work.