Middleton Heights Elementary Is a Nightmare



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Okay now we can carry on.


Thank you for sharing that.

I also grew up in a frighteningly conservative, racist community, and the prospect of saving the next generation from that is a big part of why I care deeply about politics and changing this nation’s grotesque politics.

It is and will be so much better someday, and I have to believe that most Americans are so much better than this.


Oh, Idaho: Schoolwork Will Set You Free.


The school district sure disabled its staff directory quickly. Frankly, public shaming of bigots works and it's a shame these racist teachers wont' be facing it.


the irony of mormons being prejudiced, intolerant, and discriminating against groups of people from different cultures and backgrounds would be amusing if it wasn't so harmful to their victims.

i'm glad you got out!


It's easy to say the people in the compounds in Northern Idaho are the racists and excuse one's self. For example (a real statement I heard often growing up) saying things like "we need to have lots of kids otherwise the Mexicans will outnumber us". Or just generally be uninformed about every aspect of racism POC deal with daily. Sanctimonious and self righteous. I grew up gay and Mormon in Idaho which is no joke. I'm still trying to understand my role in racism as it is a system that keeps white people in power. Which by the way is as strong as ever unfortunately. I don't think it's going to change especially when one can continue to point fingers at the "true" racists and ignore one's own role. I can only just admit it to my participation and dismantle within the reach of my own arm. And vote.


Is your mom single?


Thank for this post. I kind of want the students to stage a walkout. But most of that white students probably won't participate iand the Latinx students will probably get harassed, so idk. But I hope those teachers names get publicized.


That was already established in the original post.


@10 And yet your willfully obtuse and mean-spirited response is exactly as the author painted the people from his youth.


Look at the end of his monicker.




Oh Chase I'm so sorry you endured that and I'm so glad you got out. All the beautiful scenery in the world doesn't make up for that.
@12: Ayup
@13: Well maybe if you stopped staring in the mirror......


When did it become politically convenient for Hispanics to become a race? Aren't they - obviously - a culture composed of various races?

To the extent that science uncomfortably talks about race, they still use the European four: Caucasian, Negroid, Oriental and American Indian. Genetic drift studies change the labels to the flavor of the day but continue to debate data tied to the same four categories.


Not gonna lie tho,
You never got beat up until third grade?
Don't sound that bad


@9 yes I can read. But did you notice how hot his mom is. Meow!



Presumably when white people decided any brown person, who may carry a combination of Caucasian, Native American, and African bloodlines, needed to be separated from "pure" whites (who may also carry a similar combination of DNA lineage, albeit perhaps in differing amounts) because they don't look "white enough".


Chase, this is horrible! I'm sorry you and your single mother, however hot, had to deal with that. I'm glad you got away from it. It doesn't help that these shameful pictures serve as a reminder of your school days at Middleton, Idaho. Sad that nothing there has changed at all. I went K-12 at a small rural school district where bullying wasn't only the accepted norm, but was encouraged. The Middleton situation, my public school days of way back when, and the current nightmare of a federal administration are beyond inexcusable. The sooner Trump's neofascist regime is stripped of its evil powers the sooner we regain our national democracy.


Funny, I visit my former home regularly and I don’t notice people staring at me, even though I’m not a straight white man. Hyperbole much?


Idaho sounds like the Alabama of the west.


@21 bold criticism from someone whose screen name implies they were once held captive there


@10 I was in Idaho for a grand total of 3 days when I was 13 years old and I saw it. Maybe take the blinders off?


@24 not that @10 is being honest, but perhaps your 3 days however many decades ago is a poor representative sample.


Hey, commenter #10, you wonder where the bigots are? Look in a mirror, because if your nasty slut-shaming post and snotty response to the writer's own experiences is any indication, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM.


@23: Blip for the win!
@20 Ken, and @26, @27, & @28 the internal space cadet: ...and you're both trolling senselessly because.....?
@29 Sunnyhorse and others: I'm not surprised that comment @10 has since gotten pulled.


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Where is this school I want to send my kids there... I luv luv luv these teachers!!! We have jobs for u here! MAGA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


@23 I didn’t escape my tiny town because of racism and Nazis. I escaped because (1) I never had any interest in being married or even being in a long-term relationship, and living there as a single person would be pretty boring, unless you like hanging out in bars, which I don’t; and (2) I’ve always been a city mouse, so although I enjoy the peace and quiet when I visit, I wouldn’t be happy there long term. But who knows? Life changes and Southern Idaho keeps growing, so maybe I’ll go back someday.


@31: Check ignition and may God's love be with you......
Rest in peace, Sir David Bowie.
@34: Wow. Yours sounds close to the small rural town where I grew up and left 15 years ago for a bigger, more accepting and diversified community.


@36: Dogs, Pink Floyd--Animals 1977. Yeah, I hear it, too. And also Pigs: Three Different Ones.


The school district seems to be taking it more seriously than a lot of other districts have. They've suspended 14 teachers and administrators. There's a report that the reason people did that was for a school contest that ask people to dress as a stereotype of another nation. WTF, right?


In defense of clogging. My immigrant father wore those things. He also hid 3 hispanic coworkers in the trunk of his car during an immigration raid.


Hey @20, let's just talk about how awesome Cher was! I never really appreciated her as a kind of erotic force before watching that song. she was just a singer my mom liked in the 70s. I kind of feel like I was gyped in not living as an adult during the wild and swinging and free love 60s and 70s. Can we get it back after trump goes?


@20: Don't bash Cher, Ken. She's an iconic pop star and also an Oscar winning actress among multiple talents.
Let's bash Trump and his idiotic MAGA supporters like @33 instead. He's corrupt, ugly, spiteful, narcissistic, selfish, xenophobic, has never won an Oscar and never will; has lied under oath, loves separating children from their parents and caging them; he has deceived and screwed millions of their life savings while filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy and then his Wall Street bankster pals have repeatedly bailed him out; kisses up to the gluttonous fossil fuel industry, is hellbent on destroying the world through rapid climate change and global warming by speeding up carbon emissions instead of reducing them; panders to the NRA, brags about that ugly mushroom between his legs while sexually assaulting women and gloating about it; he defends rapists as well as racists---like the teachers at Middleton Heights Elementary School, caters to Vladimir Putin and other global dictators, is the #1 threat to U.S. national security every time he opens his sewage mouth, oh, and---his stupid TV show sucks elephant turds.


Even better theme song is Harper Valley PTA. Chase, if you ever write a memoir, I’ll buy it.


the fact that "educators" anywhere would consider it a good idea to dress that way is very frightening and telling.


Chase, I'm a little disappointed that your mom's toenails are painted and yours are not! You strike me as too awesome not to have yours painted, too.


"**To be fair, I think this kid grew up to be gay, and I really wanted to blow him when we were in middle school."

That's one hell of a qualification. Probably grounds for dropping the whole incident from your article, not just burying this information in a footnote. It completely changes the entire tenor of the bullying.

Also sidenote: isn't it weird how people like that can become attractive to us? I was never really bullied in school, though I was a loner, but for some reason, that type of guy can definitely be a turn-on. I'm not sure if women experience this in exactly the same way (although there is the whole "bad boy" thing).

"The men of the town, which is largely Mormon, were of the Mike Pence variety and couldn't be left alone around my hot mom."

I thought the Mike Pence kind of Christians were the ones who couldn't be left around your hot dad alone when they'd had a few too many to drink.