He does love a good cluster bomb.
He does love a good cluster bomb. OFFICE OF REP. ADAM SMITH

Sammamish tech company puts Gab.com back online: Gab.com, famous for being the online pulpit and breeding ground for such acts as Robert Bowers—the man arrested for the massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue—was given 24 hour notice from GoDaddy.com a day after the massacre to find a new domain registrar. On Saturday, Gab found a new home at Sammamish-based Epik Inc. KUOW’s Sydney Brownstone, who first reported on this story, states that after the site was taken down in the wake of the Pittsburgh massacre, “Gab cast itself as a victim of smears from the mainstream media.”

Just announced! Jon Bellion at WaMu Theater on 7/16/19. Tix on sale this Friday!

Bezos apparently donated to an anti-LGBT politician: To be clear, Bezos and his wife did give $2.5 million to the gay-marriage referendum here in Washington. That only makes it more confusing why he would donate $10,000 to Republican Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, who has voted against allowing same-sex couples to adopt and get married. But political donations, for billionaires or businesses, are often less about endorsing their positions and more about garnering leverage. Sounds like a healthy system of governance, right?

Amazon talks about D.C. (Virginia) takeover: Amazon is in “advanced talks,” whatever the fuck that means, about opening their second headquarters in the Washington D.C. metro area. First Bezos opens up shop in Washington state, then he buys the Washington Post, and next thing we know he’s in advanced talks to put Amazon HQ 2 in Washington D.C.? Methinks maybe Bezos just really likes the name Washington. But don't get too excited just yet D.C. metro area, because the WSJ claims that New York City and Dallas are still in the running. Also, it doesn't look like Amazon is very happy about this info going out.

National news coverage of the 9th Congressional District race: What does The Intercept find interesting? The fact that weapons makers are pushing last-minute cash into Adam Smith’s coffers since there is a good chance he could be the next chair of the Armed Services Committee if the Democrats flip the House.

Lobbyists and executives associated with General Dynamics, one of the largest weapons makers in the world, have given over $10,000 in recent weeks, in addition to the $9,500 from the company over the last quarter.
Weapon peddlers shouldn’t be too worried though, because statistically speaking, Sarah Smith, Adam Smith’s opponent, has virtually no chance of winning. We endorsed her anyway.

This guy swam around England: And it only took 5 months! And the list of the injuries he sustained? "Saltwater exposure caused the partial disintegration of his tongue, his feet are bruised and misshapen and blisters speckle his skin from wetsuit chafing."

The Trump administration reinstated sanctions on Iran: Analysts say these sanctions are more significant than the ones put in place in August. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says “We will proudly break the sanctions.” We’ll have to wait to see how effective the sanctions truly are, given that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo indicated that the administration “granted temporary exemptions to eight countries to continue importing Iranian oil—China, India, Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey.”

Wait till you hear the cost of Trump’s wall: A Texas company won the bid from federal authorities to start construction on a border wall. How much will it cost? $145 million. How long is the wall they’re being paid $145 million to build? Six fucking miles. My calculator tells me that is roughly $24 million a mile. The US-Mexico border is 1,964 miles long.

Seattle ranks fourth for highest voter turnout: FYI Guy Gene Balk compiled averages over the last three midterm elections, showing that Seattle ranks just behind Minneapolis, Portland, and Milwaukee in terms of turnout. Seattle came in at 55.8 percent, while the national average is 45 percent. Balk engages in what he calls “local boosterism” and doles out metaphorical pats on the back to the top performing cities. I'm all about northwest boosterism, but the way I see it if approximately 44 percent of our eligible voter population is not voting, we have a dangerously weak democracy.

Even the otter at the Seattle Aquarium wants you to vote: Know for whom the otter boops; it boops for thee!

More cute shit to start your week: Because why stop at an otter boop?

For whom does the Gouda boop? She doesnt. Shell swat your shit!
For whom does the Gouda boop? She doesn't. She'll swat your shit! MB

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: A screening of the tear-inducing Mr. Rogers doc Won't You Be My Neighbor?, a triple-decker rock show with Cloud Nothings, Nap Eyes, and Research, and the beginning of the end of Seattle Restaurant Week.