No Matter What Happens on Election Day, Washington Races Prove Democrats Should Run Everywhere



Don't forget the 4th -- it's the district that gave you Jay Inslee, and if you want to have capital gains tax or breach the Snake River dams, you're going to have to do better out here. Christine Brown has given worthless fuckwit Dan Newhouse a decent challenge this cycle, but we need more help. Having a decent candidate upticket makes it easier for us to cultivate candidates for the state legislature.


Howard Dean was elected Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on February 12, 2005. After Dean became Chairman of the DNC, he pledged to bring reform to the Party. Rather than focusing just on swing states, Dean proposed what has come to be known as the 50-State Strategy, the goal of which was for the Democratic Party to be committed to winning elections at every level in every region of the country, with Democrats organized in every single voting precinct.

Dean's strategy arguably paid off in a historic victory as the Democrats took over control of the House of Representatives and the Senate in the 2006 mid-term elections. While it is likely this is also attributable to the shortcomings of the Republican Party in their dealings with the Iraq War and the scandals that occurred shortly before the election, Dean's emphasis on connecting with socially conservative, economic moderates in Republican-dominated states appears to have made some impact. Indeed, Democratic candidates won elections in such red states as Kansas, Indiana, and Montana...

[That was all copied verbatim from the Wikipedia article on Howard Dean (even the "arguably" -- suck it Dave Segal].

While I never thought Dean had a chance to become President (too goofy) I have to give him credit for getting it right as DNC chair. Run solid candidates on all the races, not just the close ones, and some of them will win. Whether that is because the other candidate is caught in a scandal, merely an asshole, or the district just has a change of heart, it doesn't matter. Even if you lose, you lay the groundwork for someone to get their feet wet, and as Micah said, take the state legislature.

My guess is, this year it is about taxes and healthcare. The big tax cut -- the one Republicans are running to support Rossi -- didn't do shit for the average person. But health care is huge for so many people. All it takes is a little reminder that the Republicans wanted to make things much worse (to destroy what little progress we made) and Democrats suddenly look really good.


May the Blue Wave finally wash clean.


Democrats should WIN everywhere, Rich, after the solid RepubliKKKan neofascist shit show these last two revolting years. Here's hoping that all the Category 5 floods, hurricanes, droughts, wildfires, fossil fuel induced climate change, insane tax cuts for the 1%, appointing known rapists into the Supreme Court, and proven evidence of collusion with Russia Make America THINK Again.