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Yesterday, The Stranger published an investigative feature about the death of a Seattle kinkster named Jack Chapman, aka Pup Tank. Though The Stranger was in touch with Jack's mother in Australia, she declined to be interviewed for our story because of an upcoming media appearance with a local TV station. That appearance just aired, and it is above.

It adds a few new facts to the story, including the revelation that "three weeks prior to his death, Jack signed a will."

According to Jack's mother, Linda, her ex-husband died and left Jack and Jack's brother Ben an inheritance of $200,000 each. The brothers were to leave the money to each other. Ben has autism and lives at home, and that money was supposed to go toward his medical care if anything happened to Jack. As Linda says on camera before Dylan's arrival at the house: "Three weeks before he dies he writes a will and leaves everything to Dylan. If that's not suspicious I don't know what is."

Then Dylan arrives at the house, with Jack's ashes. He's evidently taken aback by the presence of cameras. She confronts Dylan about the will. "You didn't think of his autistic brother, on a disability pension. $200,000 is a pretty good price, isn't it?"

Dylan replies that he didn't know it was that much money and that: "I was intending to give that to Ben."

"That would be wonderful. Will you put that in writing?"

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"Not with this animosity," Dylan says.

It's not long before Linda has kicked Dylan out of her house and banished him from attending her son's funeral. In the video, Linda also talks about how loving and sweet her son was. You should watch the whole thing.

As The Stranger first reported, SPD says there is no active investigation into Dylan Hafertepen at this time. (He has not responded to multiple attempts by The Stranger to interview him.) As this TV report confirms, it is still unknown who injected silicone into Jack Chapman's body.