Midterm Election Night 2018: We're Partying With Congressional Candidates and State Legislators!

Weed! Tacos! What type of wave is coming!?



I'm praying to the FSM that I wear out the following keys on the keyboard:



Have you all checked with the teachers at the community colleges to see if they will work “for free”?


If it goes to shit, Pelosi can go to hell.


I would like to volunteer my services to the SECB as a sort of Matron/Chaperone, because I think you dears need that.


Fancy party. Only the beginning of the money spent.


How many times do voters have to repeal regressive sin taxes?!!?

Good lord, Democrats. Will you never learn?


It chaps me to no end that I feel more shame for the Sarah Smith campaign than she ever will.


Property Taxes in Seattle are going up yet again. If I hear any batshitcrazy person talking about "affordable housing" being a problem in the city, I'll direct them to the voters, not the land lord.

Now you KNOW why "the rent is so dam high" people vote for it to be.


@8: What taxes were repealed?


From the NYTimes: “ 'The administration will be under higher scrutiny and accountability by a Democratic House,' said former Representative Tom Davis, Republican of Virginia. 'Look for more investigations and subpoenas. The honeymoon is over. Voters voted to put a check on the president rather than giving him a blank check.' ”

Show us those tax returns, Mr. President.
Mr. "I Inherited NOTHING" President.
Oh, and btw -- DID you pay taxes on all that Inheritance?
Or, did you (and your Daddy) cheat the USofA?

I think now may be damn fine time to take a nice close
Look into some of these very, very Troubling Issues.

Time to unleash Rudy?


@11 Oh damn, it doesn’t repeal the poorly written shitlib Seattle tax.


Don't mix gasoline with your soda pop.


Solid, extensive coverage, Stranger. (And greeted by the usual depressing comments thread, which I'll do little to elevate.)

There's a lot to digest here, but what's weird for me is that this is the first election I can recall in a while where I just didn't care all that much about the races I was voting on. I ended up holding my nose and voting for the I-1631 carbon fee, despite its conspicuous flaws, and now I'm greeting its defeat with kind of a shrug. Maybe that makes me a bad person.

Heck, I ended up caring more about the Georgia governor's race, something that doesn't technically affect me.

This morning, the first thing I did when I got online was search for "2018 national vote." Sure enough, The New York Times has the numbers. What strikes me is the Senate "national vote":

The Senate was such a bloodbath for the Democrats, and yet that was where the national vote was most lopsidedly in favor of the D's: 56.8% to 41.6%.


I think that the area is gonna have ST3 ptsd for years and any major taxes that could be perceived to be passed onto the masses is going to fail hard. Look at the county map and only King and Island passed 1631.


Gillum, Abrams & Beto... don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Bye bitches.


@12 Thank you Issaquah!! (Is there ANY hope we've seen the last of Rossi?)

@15 re Dem senate candidates, when I stopped following the results last night, it was looking like the Dems were likely to go down -5 at least in the Senate, including Tester etc. But re-engaging this morning around 11:00, I find Tester declared a winnner and AZ a long way from clear, with a possible recount in FLA. So, the Dems have not done worse than expected at all.