Time to buy or time to die???
Time to buy or time to die??? CHARLES MUDEDE

Did you see the SECB was all over the local election parties last night? The night was full of emotional turbulence for Washington, and especially so for the hardworking people at the SECB. Can you even imagine how awkward it must have been for the SECB to be surrounded by MAGA hats at Dino Rossi’s loser party? My favorite line from the Rossi event was early in the night when the SECB was sad to report, “We are being forced to not drink anything and we are not happy about that.” The pathos was palpable.

Beto is fucking proud: We are going to circumnavigate most midterm news here this Slog AM, but dammit we deserve to hear conceding Texas Senate candidate Beto O'Rourke drop the F bomb. A well placed "fucking" always raises your spirits.

Seattle housing prices keep dropping: With news like this, I'm already on my way to buy a couple new houses myself! Data released on Tuesday showed "the largest year-over-year increase on record" in terms of county housing inventory. The median house price also fell by $25,000.

Kent commercial building ablaze: The fire department reports that no personnel were hurt putting out the fire earlier this morning.

Trump is already feeling attacked by the new Democratic majority in the House: But since it's Trump, it is kind of difficult to understand what his vague threat means. It boils down to the not-immature-at-all game of, "if you do something I don't like I'm going to do something you don't like!"

Boeing sensor woes: Boeing issued a warning to pilots, after a Lion Air 737 crashed outside of Indonesia, "on how to handle erroneous data from a key sensor on its 737 MAX aircraft." Apparently the "erroneous readings could cause [the plane] to point the nose down sharply in order to keep air under the wings and avoid a stall." Yeah, I'm not a pilot, but I do believe that'd be a fucking good thing for pilots to be aware of.

French President Emmanuel Macron wants to pay tribute to a... Nazi? Because, as Macron puts it, before Marshal Pétain served as the head of Vichy France, he "was a great soldier in World War I.” Pétain was later "'deemed unworthy of being French in a trial held in the name of the people," said Francis Kalifat, the president of Crif, the body that represents France’s 400,000 Jews.'" If there's one thing a person can do that undoes all of the good they've done it's become an actual Nazi. That some sort of law of physics, right?

Finally, Kingston to Seattle in 39 minutes: Kitsap Transit is launching a new fast ferry service for commuters living in Kingston. It will cost $2 into Seattle, and $8 dollars if you ever want to go home. But why would you? Seattle is incredible. And did you hear? Housing prices are so low they're practically giving them away! With that $10 travel cost you could just buy a new downtown condo, probably.

Readers, you deserve this: There ain't no rest for the dreary Seattleites and our dreary city. But there will always be something cute for you to watch.

Wallingford walk-around: Yesterday was a tour de force of beautiful, crisp, autumn weather. It's only a shame we couldn't even pass the modicum of policy necessary to start combating climate change. Instead of too little too late, it's quite literally still-nothing-at-fucking-all, too late. Here are some pictures from one of the most beautiful parts of Seattle.

Look at this paper plate face posted to a poll on Wallingford Ave. It seemed happy when I first saw it, but now the X'd out eyes make me think there's a darker metaphor at play.

Michael Bell

We miss you Elms! But with death comes rebirth, or something. I see a baby tree coming up!

Michael Bell

Finally, just a pretty tree that didn't seem to get the message that its leaves are actually supposed to fall off. Keep on keeping on, beautiful red tree, you're an inspiration to us all.

Michael Bell
Michael Bell

Tonight's best Seattle entertainment options include: An evening of nitrous-headed instrumentals with This Will Destroy You, a comedic skewering of contemporary politics in Capitol Steps, and a reading with Susan Orlean.