He will likely run again so keep track of him, especially any of his predatory stunts.


Rich, if you're sick of him after a year, think about what those of us who have been cringing about him since at least 2002 when he became the Ways & Means chair in the state legislature.

Glad he lost again. I'm not counting on the douche not running for something again, though.


He'll be back. He's cut from the same cloth as Eyeman. He needs those donations from those suckers who believe what he says.


Dino Rossi is the Buffalo Bills of Washington state.


Small comfort. The loony fringe who receives Trump as their aryan messiah will accept any substitute for their fantasies of the Marlboro Man. If a scam artist trust fund baby can fill in as John Galt, then fuck - Dino Rossi will rise again as the savior delivering them to the promised land where the n**s don’t get food stamps and we gets to keep our guns and our liberty. (Liberty = truuuuuuckz with mud flaps and truck nutz.) I wish I was being ironic, but I am just transcribing reality. As long as liberals are “losing their minds,” they happy. That’s why they’re so easy to hoodwink.


I agree with @1 seatackled, @2 Typographer, and @3 Catalina Vel-DuRay to keeping a watchful eye out for Dino Mafia Don Rossi, no matter how many times he loses. Catalina nailed it---Dino's exactly like Tim Eyman--he'll keep going as long as he's got the idiotic donors funding his lost cause. They're like Energizer bunnies.


Food for thought as we look ahead to the 2020 election: What do Dino Rossi and Hillary Clinton have in common?


Ms. Vel-Duray makes an exceptional point. It is sort of all a dog and pony show for the tight-assed, isn't it? I suppose, if Washington ever has another Republican governor (eek!), Rossi will be in line for some kind of appointment.

What I want to say is this: You'll never ever catch me at a Dino Rossi Fan Club meeting. Politicians who are so very anti-woman in this day and age should have two choices. Put yourself in a time machine and dial it back to 1900 or submit yourself for gene therapy, Still, I think it drags up bad juju and shows poor taste to point at Rossi and say, "Ha-ha, loser!"

Let's just be glad his opponent won and prepare ourselves for the next round.


Susan Hutchison will run again. Bless her heart.


One thing bothered me about Schrier's statement. "Taking on" insurance companies may be a good campaign slogan, but it is utter nonsense. Insurance is expensive here because doctors and drug companies charge more in a America than anywhere else in the world. She can't just "take on" insurance companies. She needs to take on profiteering hospitals and medical practices.



Yeah, but they also charge more because the Insurance companies make the process of covering patients excessively complicated. One insurer can set multiple pricings for the same procedure or medication, depending on the patient and the level of their coverage, and on whether or not they insurer has pre-negotiated rates with a health care provider. I imagine just keeping track of all those permutations and being able to correctly apply them adds quite a bit to a doctor's overhead. And we won't even get into the exorbitant amount of malpractice insurance U.S. based providers are required to carry compared to other countries.


Reichert is the WA Standard for cowardice and incompetence ~
* Let Green River Killer go, check.
* Pocketed taxpayer salary his entire life without contributing a goddamn thing, check.
* Shilled for bone-spur, check.


@8 Bauhaus I: Agreed and well said. Admittedly I am tempted to laugh and point at the Rossi as Four Time Loser illustrations, but like you, just grateful instead that Dr. Kim Schrier won. It is a shame Dino the Mafia Don Rossi can't get sent back to 1900 (or further--how about 2000 years B.C.?) in a time machine.
@9 Spit out that FunSize Snickers bar, sugarlips, before it fries your brain and turns you into a marshmallow peep.


@13 - As I said, bless her heart.

Yours too dear. I suggest you do some research on the term “reading between the lines.”


@14 Doofus in Shoreline: Keep on bawling, you pathetic tool. You're just pissed that now that the Democrats regained the House, the long overdue impeachment process can start.
@15: I suggest you read between these lines, sugarlips: Susan Hutchinson dressed like a drugged Santa Bot during her campaign, and lives off cue cards rallying for Trump. I'm grateful Maria Cantwell got re-elected Washington State Senator.


Gawd, I miss Kathi Goertzen! Now there was a real lady news anchor.


@16: Uh, yeah.



Wow, so you're on the inside with Team Mueller? What's he like in-person?


If trump lasts that long, David dear. He's was as red as a chimney the other day. Fat old people shouldn't let themselves get that worked up. A stroke is a terrible way to go. Granted, they've got Dr. Feelgood looking after him, but I think he's just enabling him.


@3: Dino always has been a good scam artist, and as @9 and @14 apparently exist to demonstrate, scammers like Eyman and Dino will never lack for suckers who are just aching to be fleeced.

Dino seems to have hit a sweet spot: he’s good enough to scam Republicans into giving him support and nominations, but the rest of us have long seen through him. The happy outcome is his four failed election attempts, each benefiting a female liberal Democrat. Keep going, Dino! :-D


4, as a Buffalo Bills fan I am offended by your statement. Rossi should be compared to the Sacramento Kings.


@19 and @22 Doofus in Shoreline: No evidence? Yeah, riiiiiight---keep on telling yourself that. Wow---you're really scared, aren't you? Run, stupid little MAGA boy, run! Do you really think Melania will hold your hand? LOL


@20 Mueller's investigation doesn't leak because Mueller is stone cold competent. We don't know if there's enough evidence against Trump to justify impeachment proceedings. We'll find out when the investigation is completed. We do know that Trump has surrounded himself with incompetent criminals. Haven't seen this many convictions and confessions since the Nixon administration.

The House isn't going to initiate impeachment proceedings without overwhelming evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors. Say what you want about Pelosi (I'm not a big fan) but she's smart as hell and an excellent tactician. She'll wait and see what can be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

And, a big tip of the hat to KIM SCHRIER.




@22: Try not to sound so panicky when you write that.

If only Dino had won! Then the House wouldn’t be flooding the White House with subpoenas next year!

(Just tell yourself the president can veto a subpoena, if it will make America great again.)


@26 oldwhiteguy: And a tip of the hat to you, too, sir! Well said and summarized.


Whether or not you agree with Dino Rossi’s politics, do you have to be so MEAN? I was not for Dino, but I actually know the guy personally and he’s a really good man. Misguided in his right wing politics, for SURE, but a good person. Calling someone a loser for trying four times to run for public office - why? You can debate the issues - there is lots there to debate. You can point out why supply side economics is based on myth, for example. But if you want our country to work, you want people to have the courage to run for office. Attacking someone's character doesn’t help the cause, and the cause is COMPASSION. We need it - we need to demonstrate it to get the majority over to our side. Let’s show the difference between Trumpsters and us. Get behind this and stop being jerks.


@21 Cataliana Vel-DuRay: I know, right? That, and all the industrial waste Orange Man inhales from McDonald's on an hourly basis.
@30: Let me get this straight, Taylor Swift's wannabe. You say: "I was not for DIno, but actually know the guy personally and he's a really good man". Stop being so MEAN. Use compassion. Be KIND. As if Dino Rossi, who worships the corrupt ground Donald Trump walks on would honestly do the same. Did you just hit your head on a rock? Are you going to pack up your trusty six string in your pickup truck and move to a big old CITY? RepubliKKKans in 2018 are NOT kind, compassionate, let alone willing to look across the aisle. SURE, kindness and compassion are nice--but it's supposed to go both ways. RepubliKKKans are anything but and proven unfit to govern.


@30: “Misguided in his right wing politics, for SURE, but a good person.”

If he had been elected governor, governor, senator, or U.S. representative, he would have used his “right wing politics” to hurt innocent persons. That’s why we’re celebrating his election losses.

“I was not for Dino, but I actually know the guy personally and he’s a really good man.”

There are, at most, a few thousand humans who will ever know him personally. The number he could have hurt runs into the millions. I sincerely hope he is indeed “a really good man” to you who know him personally, but that is not the issue here.


@29 Thank you, auntie. I'm pretty sure that's the first nice thing you've ever said to me. :-)

But, as I begin my third glass of wine (red, for my health), I'd like to take a moment to defend OMGpeople. There is something to be said for being kind. Morally and politically. Granted, the Roger Stones of the world clobber the Taylor Swifts far too often. And Trump has made us all crazy. That deadly strain of bigotry has been with us for 400 years. Unless we fuck ourselves brown, it might be there 400 years from now.

Barack Obama made us sane. Sometimes the good guys do win. They compromise, they smile, they zig and zag, and they "bend the arc of history toward justice."


@33 oldwhiteguy: The first nice thing I've ever said to you? Okay, wow, I apologize for being so remiss. I believe we're on the same page---I'm about to have some red wine tonight (also for health reasons), myself and get comfortably numb, as Roger Waters of Pink Floyd so beautifully puts it. Trump and its MAGA nuts have certainly contributed to making me crazy. Thank you and bless you for being among the sanest here. :) Griz


@30 OMGpeople: If you check through previous comments, you'll see that I did stress my relief that Dr. Kim Schrier won the bid for 8th District Congressional seat rather than gloat over Dino Rossi's losing a fourth campaign.