Washington State Senate Moves to Hire Investigator to Look Into Rape Allegations Against Fain



Hopefully Das wins the election, which would render this proposed investigation irrelevant: why should our state’s senate spend our tax money to investigate someone who won’t be a senator?

If Das does not win, then this investigation should continue. Our state’s senate can expel a member for improper conduct, and if Faber’s allegation proves true, our senate could expel Fain.

(Best of all would be Faber filing a police report against Fain in Washington, D.C., but it appears that just will not ever happen.)


Pending the investigation all I know for sure is this dude has a stunningly punchable-looking face. Look at that face. Just look at it. Don't punch, just look, but look at it.


get help.


Rape is a crime and should be investigated by law enforcement. The DC police is standing by to take Faber's complaint. And given it's a felony the DC police can force Fain to testify in police headquarters in DC.